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Message from Martin Bouygues

Meeting today’s major challenges over the long term whilst making life better every day for as many people as possible

I’m often asked what is the Bouygues group’s main strength and distinguishing feature more than sixty-five years after its creation. Without doubt, the Group’s main strength is having people who share the same culture and robust values, and that it can count on stable shareholders – SCDM a and its employees – who are very much involved in the conduct of its business. This is what enables us to meet challenges with a long-term vision.

Three priorities guide our strategies and action. They are to:

  • satisfy our customers and retain their loyalty, since this is the reason for our existence. Designed with our partners, our innovative products and services must help them meet the major challenges of today (demographic, climatic, digital) over the long term, whilst making life better every day for as many people as possible;
  • conduct our business with respect for all our stakeholders and create value for our employees and shareholders;
  • maintain a healthy financial situation and a reasonable level of debt in order to continue independent decision-making in all circumstances. Furthermore, the diversification of our activities helps to cushion the impact of the difficulties that some of them may experience from time to time. 

"Before making any strategic decisions, in my opinion, the most important thing to bear in mind is that our company is a real-life journey that deserves the utmost respect since its people work tirelessly, using their energy and talent to make life better every day."

Martin Bouygues

(Updated: 18 February 2020)