Martin Bouygues joined the Bouygues group in 1974 as works supervisor. In 1978, he established Maison Bouygues, specialising in the sale of catalogue homes. In 1987, he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Bouygues Board of Directors, on which he has served since 1982. On 5 September 1989, he took over from Francis Bouygues as Chairman and CEO of Bouygues. At Martin Bouygues’ instigation, the Group pursued its development in construction as well as in media (TF1) and launched Bouygues Telecom in 1996. In 2006, Bouygues acquired an equity interest in Alstom (railway manufacturer) and in 2021 divested most of that equity interest. In February 2021, Martin Bouygues was appointed Chairman of the Bouygues Board of Directors. In 2022, Bouygues became a world leader in energies and services with the acquisition of Equans from Engie.

Martin Bouygues is a commander of the National Order of Merit and an officer of the Legion of Honour.

  • First appointment to the Bouygues Board of Directors: 21 January 1982
  • Expiry of current term of office: 2024
  • Number of shares in the company (at 31/12/2022): 439,297 (100,000,000 via SCDM and SCDM Participations)

  • Principal position outside Bouygues SA

    • Chairman of SCDM Participations.
  • Other positions and functions in the Group

    • Member of the Board of Directors of the Francis Bouygues Foundation.
  • Other positions and functions outside the Group

    • Member of the supervisory board of Domaine Henri Rebourseau.