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Number of analysts having contributed: 9 analysts for H1 2020 & FY 2020 consensus

Estimates collected between August 14th and August 20th 2020


H1 2020 - estimates recap          

€ millionMedianLowestHighest
Group Sales (€m)14 30814 12614 476
Group current operating profit (€m)- 336- 350- 290
Group net profit (attributable to the Group) (€m)- 307- 360- 251


FY 2020 - estimates recap

€ millionMedianLowestHighest
Group Sales (€m)33 72933 14434 461
Group current operating profit (€m)833770906
Group net profit (attributate to the Group) (€m)456414550

Before each earnings release, Bouygues collects and formally releases all the forecasts issued by the sell-side analysts in charge of stock coverage. The aim of this approach is to provide the market with a consensus that is as reliable and representative as possible.

This consensus is published on Bouygues’ website before the earning release, so that those interested (investors, analysts, shareholders, journalists) can access it at the same time.

The following data are collected:

  • Group sales
  • Group current operating profit
  • Group net profit (attributable to the Group)


All the analysts’ estimates must be sent to the group by email. The median, the maximum and the minimum of the sample will be published. All the analysts’ contributions will remain anonymous and no commentary will be given by the Group, in compliance with the stock-market regulation.

(Updated: 20 August 2020)

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