Welcome to
the Bouygues group!

A message from
Martin Bouygues and Olivier Roussat to all Equans employees

Dear colleagues from Equans,

Portrait de Martin Bouygues et Olivier Roussat

It is with great pleasure that we have completed the acquisition of Equans meaning that Bouygues now fully owns Equans. This is very good news for Equans and Bouygues, as well as for all our stakeholders.

The entire Bouygues group extends a very warm welcome to you. You are renowned for your professionalism and dedication and we are delighted and proud to have you in our Group.

This acquisition is highly strategic and represents an unprecedented new milestone in the Group’s history. As a result, Bouygues becomes a world leader in the multi-technical services market with a long-term industrial strategy. And Equans will become the Group’s biggest business segment, generating €17 billion in sales and employing around 97,000 people, namely half the Group’s headcount, following the transfer of Bouygues’ Energies & Services activities to it in January 2023.
This is a major development for Bouygues in a very promising sector at the crossroads of the energy, digital and industrial transitions. Thanks to Equans, Bouygues’ international footprint will at the same time be boosted since nearly half the headcount will now be located outside France. The new business segment will enjoy very strong technical and geographical synergies as well as more significant resources and innovation capacity. Each entity will benefit from each other’s strengths.

Jérôme Stubler, currently CEO of Equans, becomes its Chairman from today, reporting to Olivier Roussat, and joins Bouygues’ Group Management Committee. From January 2023, he will take charge of the new business segment and will be assisted in this task by Pierre Vanstoflegatte, who will be appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer. During the transitory period from now until the beginning of 2023, Pierre Vanstoflegatte remains CEO of the Energies & Services arm, reporting to Pascal Minault, Chairman and CEO of Bouygues Construction. Jérôme and Pierre will coordinate relations between the teams of Equans and those of Bouygues Energies & Services in order to improve understanding of the specific issues and strengths of each entity, to define the organisation of the new business segment and to generate the synergies very quickly, especially in the area of purchasing. As usual common sense and pragmatism will guide our choices during this period, in accordance with the workforce commitments made by the Bouygues group. Of course our number one concern is always to provide the best possible service to our customers through our professionalism and mindset.

You are joining a Group renowned for its high-quality labour relations and strong culture forged over 70 years of existence. We believe that a business is above all about human endeavour, which means that we draw on the following set of strong values: respect — the most important in our view — trust, creativity and imparting expertise.

We once again would like to underline our confidence and say how proud we are to welcome you, and rest assured of our unwavering commitment to make this new page in our history a complete success with you all.

A welcome message from Martin Bouygues to Equans employees

2021 At a Glance

“Le Minorange”

The Human Resources charter

At the Bouygues group, people are our most important resource. Since their motivation and competence are key to our success and progress, the quality of human relations is fundamental. That is of everyone’s concern.
Bouygues’ Human Resources charter focuses on three corporate principles: respect, trust and fairness.
The adoption of this charter by all will help to deliver these principles of respect, trust and fairness on a daily basis because these are the best guarantees of success and professional fulfilment for all.

The Code of Ethics

The success and future of the Bouygues group depend on the confidence it inspires in its staff, shareholders, public and private-sector partners and, more generally, all its stakeholders. One key factor that helps to create this confidence is respect for the rules of conduct common to all the Group’s business segments.
This Code of Ethics reflects the Group’s values on matters of respect, integrity and responsibility. It is up to each and every one of you to comply with the Code of Ethics to enable the entire Bouygues group to continue its development.




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