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TF1 group

The TF1 group initiated a sweeping transformation in 2016 with the development of three strategic segments – Broadcasting, Studios & Entertainment, and Digital – to become the leading group in TV and digital media content, integrated from production through to distribution, that it is today.

Strengthened and transformed core business

A unique position in the French broadcasting sector

The TF1 group is the leader in free-to-air privately-owned television in France with a galaxy of five free and complementary channels, TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films and LCI. In  2019 these channels scored a combined audience share of 32.6% with women aged under 50 who are purchasing decision-makers and of 32.9% with individuals aged between 15 and 24 [1]. The TF1 group also airs several pay-TV theme channels: TV Breizh, Histoire, Ushuaïa and Serieclub.

Ambitious content policy

The TF1 group is renewing the editorial and artistic content of its channels through creative and varied programming, subjects with strong social resonance, and new incarnations. The group’s audience ratings demonstrate its ability to forge new partnership models and attract the finest talents. Investing some €1 billion in content every year, the TF1 group is a leading ally and key link in the creative ecosystem.

High-performance time-shifted content

The TF1 group’s rich content offering is also available on digital media through a comprehensive range of video platforms: MYTF1, with over 23 million users, MYTF1VOD, TFOUX MAX and, still to come in 2020, SALTO. Through an innovative multichannel and bi-media strategy, the TF1 group benefits from optimal exposure of its content and possesses an unrivalled ability to draw substantial audiences, making it an essential place for the public and brands. As a result, the group scored 84 out of the top 100 ratings of 2019.

[1] Source: Médiamétrie

New growth areas

A major player in production and distribution

The TF1 group is present across the entire content value chain, from production to distribution. With its subsidiary Newen, which has recently expanded internationally with the acquisition of new entities in the Netherlands (Pupkin), Denmark (Nimbus), Belgium (De Mensen) and Canada (Reel One), the TF1 group stands as a major player in TV production and distribution in France and internationally.

Benchmark digital media range

In 2019 the TF1 group announced the creation of its new digital division, Unify, grouping its digital businesses (excluding OTT and Catch-up TV). The creation of Unify follows on logically from the acquisitions made by the group in recent years, including auféminin group, Doctissimo, Neweb, Gamned!, Studio 71, Vertical Station (formerly MinuteBuzz) and TF1 Digital Factory.

Present in France and abroad, Unify brings together the new digital activities of the TF1 group. The division is made up of some fifteen media brands and services and assists its clients with all their digital marketing challenges and issues via a single point of entry: Unify Advertising. This pure-player media sales unit offers advertisers and media agencies alike a range of integrated services and expertise specialising in programming and performance, as well as consulting, digital and social creation and events.

A customised, value-creating TV experience

By asserting its presence in new growth areas, the TF1 group aims to develop new verticals and communities, bring its audience an enriched experience and provide innovative solutions to advertisers. The group is thus reinforcing its positions in the fields of technology and data – two key factors in the monetisation of content and the creation of value for brands.


Enhanced monetisation of content and activities

A high-performance, targeted and accessible plurimedia advertising sales agency

The TF1 group’s advertising sales agency offers advertisers unique exposure capacity by combining the broad coverage of its TV channels with the benefits of targeted digital media. It currently boasts the most comprehensive offering on the market, able to fulfil all the needs of advertisers and agencies. Through the European Broadcaster Exchange (EBX) and the creation of Box Entreprise, the TF1 group has opened up to new markets and stands as a key business partner for small and large businesses alike.

New, virtuous distribution agreements

The signature of new global distribution agreements by the TF1 group and telecom operators has established a fresh and virtuous partnership model for creation while ensuring enhanced services for consumers and a revenue model that takes into account the value of group content.

Effective diversification businesses

The TF1 group boasts a broad range of business activities in key entertainment and leisure fields, including licences, publishing and board games as well as music production with Play Two and live events with the La Seine Musicale entertainment & concert venue. It is also present in cinema through its subsidiary TF1 Films Production, which co-produces 15 to 20 films a year, many of them major French box-office successes.

An innovative, responsible and positive group 

Continuous innovation momentum

With the launch of MediaLabTF1 in January 2018, an incubation programme based on the premises of Station F, the TF1 group is boosting its collaborative efforts within the ecosystem of start-ups. The aims of the programme include the creation of business opportunities related to key themes in the group’s digital transformation.

Social responsibility, a key issue

As a leading media group, TF1 is mindful of its responsibilities and committed to high-quality dialogue with all its stakeholders, the aim being to ensure transparency and continue improving the group’s practices. Through tangible actions, taken under the banner of the TF1 Initiatives brand, the group is helping to build a more socially-minded, diverse and sustainable society.

“Let’s share positive vibes”, a true company culture

The TF1 group endeavours in particular to lend meaning to the actions it undertakes. As such, the group’s transformation has been accompanied internally by the introduction of a collective dynamic and a change in organisational methods encouraging employees to work in a more nimble and innovative manner.

(Updated: 14 February 2020)
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