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Colas is a world leader in transport infrastructure construction and maintenance, using its activities and innovations to promote infrastructure solutions for responsible mobility.

A world leader

Colas operates in over 50 countries worldwide through a network of 800 profit centres and 3,000 construction materials (aggregates, asphalt mixes, binders, bitumen, etc.) production and recycling units.

Colas’ 55,000 women and men work in their local communities to bring people closer together and facilitate exchange for the world of today and tomorrow. They share a common culture and the values of Caring, Sharing and Daring.

Colas completes over 60,000 projects every year, often small in size but also far bigger or technically more complex ones such as PPPs, concessions and long-term contracts that take account of the company’s CSR objectives.

Colas generated sales of €12.3 billion in 2020, 55% of which on international markets (28% in North America, 20% in Europe outside France, 7% in the rest of the world).

Three main activities

  • Roads, the core activity. Colas builds and maintains roads and motorways, airport runways, port and logistics hubs, external works and amenities, reserved-lane public transport (Bus Rapid Transit routes and tram lines) as well as recreational facilities and environmental projects. This activity also includes road safety & signalling as well as construction and civil engineering.
  • Construction materials: Colas has a significant presence in the production, distribution, sale and recycling of aggregates, emulsions, asphalt mixes, ready-mix concrete and bitumen.
  • The Railways activity comprises the design and engineering of complex, large-scale projects and the construction, renewal and maintenance of rail networks (conventional and high-speed lines, trams and metro systems).

Colas also has a Water and energy transport activity (installation and maintenance of pipes and pipelines).


Pioneering and responsible

As a world leader Colas draws on its pioneering spirit and ability to innovate to explore all the possibilities offered by the responsible mobility of tomorrow.

Colas pledges to provide solutions to societal challenges in each one of its projects, whether it be road safety, improving traffic flows, managing road networks, controlling costs, improving living environments, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the circular economy or biodiversity.

To combat climate change, Colas has launched a strategy to decarbonise its activities. It has set an ambitious target, compatible with the Paris agreement, to cut its direct greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 30% and its indirect upstream emissions (scope 3a) by 30%.

Colas is gradually evolving into full-service integrator of responsible mobility solutions in preparation for the advent of the smart road and the sustainable urban environment.

Colas is already paving the way for the dynamic management of road space, with a view to enhancing the safety of users, with Flowell, its dynamic luminous road-marking system.

And with Wattway Pack, Colas has invented a system that provides an independent energy supply for roadside equipment.

Mobility by Colas offers local authorities and other users powerful digital solutions for facilitating mobility, such as Moov’Hub, a shared and smart car parking service, or Quievo, a solution for decongesting traffic flows around worksites. Colas’ service offering also includes ANAIS, a digital solution that detects potential danger zones on road networks by harvesting and analysing data with the aim of predicting infrastructure maintenance needs.

(Updated: 18 August 2021)
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