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In the field of medical patronage, the Bouygues group provided support to 8 non-profit organisations working for medical research in 2016.

Association Ela

Founded in 1992 by Guy Alba, Association Européenne contre les Leucodystrophies or "ELA" is a charity in which families organise to fight against rare genetic diseases that destroy the myelin (the "insulation" of nerves) of the central nervous system. Each week in France, three to six children (20 to 40 in Europe) are born with these terrible disorders

Since its creation, ELA has provided support to families totalling €8.5 million, and has also been able to finance 447 scientific programmes for a total amount of €35.4 million.

Bouygues has supported this charity since 2012 via the ‟Mets tes baskets dans l’entreprise″ initiative.

Click here for the charity’s web site

Syndrome Ondine

Association Française du syndrome d’Ondine

The “Ondine” syndrome, called also Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS), is a disorder of the central nervous system where the automatic control of breathing is absent or impaired during sleep.

Children suffering from this syndrome require respiratory assistance while they sleep. The charity aims to forge relationships between parents of children suffering from this syndrome and between the children themselves.

Since 2001, the Group has been donating annually to finance a specific research grant on the Ondine syndrome.

The charity’s web site


FondaMental, a mental healthcare and research foundation

The Foundation aims to develop and defend an innovative approach to care, research and training in psychiatry and neurosciences.

Bouygues has provided financial support to the Foundation since 2014.

Click here for the charity’s web site


Arsep – the French multiple sclerosis research foundation

The Foundation’s aims are to raise money to fund research teams studying multiple sclerosis and to inform the general public about medical, therapeutic and scientific advances in the treatment of the disease.

Bouygues has supported Arsep since 2002.

The foundation’s web site


The French Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

The Foundation for research into Alzheimer’s disease only finances clinical research projects, namely those focused on patients.

Its three research projects are listed below:

  • The creation of a national tissue bank for Alzheimer’s disease, made possible by the monitoring of 500 patients recruited from across France,
  • Research work by the IHU A-ICM located at la Pitié Salpêtrière hospital,
  • and the Foundation’s “Grand Prix européen de la Recherche” award, which aims to support promising work carried out by European research teams.

Bouygues has provided financial support to the Foundation since 2013.

The foundation’s web site

Force hemato

Force Hémato

Force Hémato is an endowment fund dedicated to clinical research on leukaemia and other blood-related diseases.

Bouygues has provided financial support to Force Hemato since 2012.

The charity’s web site

Institut Cerveau Moelle epiniere

Institute for brain and spinal cord disorders - ICM

The aim of Institute for brain and spinal cord disorders is to support and develop research on the brain and the spinal cord. Located at la Pitié-Salpétrière hospital, the Institute opened in 2010.

Bouygues has provided financial support to ICM since 2009.

The institute’s web site


L’Envol pour les Enfants Européens

Founded in 1994, L'Envol is a charity that organises vacations in a medically-equipped leisure centre to enable seriously-ill children to find the strength and resilience to continue fighting their illnesses.

During these stays, they are able to take part in sporting, artistic and outdoor activities.

7,000 children in France have taken part in this recreational therapy.

L’Envol is a member of the “Serious Fun Children’s Network”, an American organisation set up by the actor Paul Newman in 1988 that has already helped more than 253,000 children and teenagers.

Bouygues has provided financial support to the charity since 2013.

The charity’s web site

The Foundation for Research into Cerebrovascular accidents

The Foundation for Research into Cerebrovascular accidents (Fondation pour la Recherche sur les AVC), created in 2014 with the support of the Foundation for Medical Research (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale), is the only foundation in France to finance research programmes solely in this domain. Its aims are to better prevent cerebrovascular accidents by better identifying their causes, to better treat severe accidents by developing new therapeutic methods, to improve neurological recovery after an accident and, finally, to prevent vascular cognitive impairment. Its rationale is to provide the best French research teams with the resources to explore all the avenues that will one day help to eliminate cerebrovascular accidents.

Le site de l'association

(Updated: 17 March 2017)
Meeting the Alzheimer's research foundation


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