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Patronage at Bouygues

The Bouygues group contributes to the economic and social development of the regions and countries where it operates through economic and community initiatives as well as through patronage.

Since 2001, the patronage policy of Bouygues SA, the parent company of the Bouygues group, has focused on the themes of education, health and humanitarian initiatives.

An Ethics and Patronage Committee has been created within the Bouygues Board of Directors. It is made up of four directors and is chaired by Mrs. Anne-Marie Idrac, formerly Chair of French rail operator SNCF. The committee meets several times a year to consider applications and issue opinions.

Bouygues SA's patronage projects

Patronage policy is implemented at Bouygues group level, within business segments and through community initiatives. The Group is active worldwide and contributes to local life wherever it operates.

The patronage policy of the parent company, Bouygues SA, focuses on three main areas: education, health and humanitarian initiatives.

  • Education, by providing higher education grants, training and career guidance,
  • Health, by financing medical research programmes into rare diseases,
  • Humanitarian initiatives, by supporting charities that seek to accommodate people in difficulty, or who have a disability or illness.

The Bouygues group corporate foundations

Each of the Group’s major subsidiaries also carries out its own patronage initiatives through its own dedicated foundation. Several subsidiaries have made arrangements so that employees can take part in community action initiatives during their worktime.

Logo Terre  Plurielle

Founded in 2008, Bouygues Construction’s Corporate Foundation, Terre Plurielle provides financial support to projects sponsored by its own employees that promote access to healthcare, education and the occupational integration of people from underprivileged groups, both in France and abroad.


Founded in 2009, the Bouygues Immobilier Corporate Foundation aims to help make urban environments more humane by placing architecture and urban planning at the service of the environment and the community.


Founded in 1990, the Colas Foundation aims to promote contemporary painting. Each year, the Foundation commissions road-themed work from some 15 artists selected from all over the world. The collection currently contains more than 300 paintings.

Furthermore, in April 2010, Colas signed a multi-annual patronage contract for the rehabilitation of the pathways in the Palace of Versailles park.            


The TF1 Corporate Foundation aims to help young people from underprivileged neighbourhoods find employment in the audiovisual industry.


The Bouygues Telecom Corporate Foundation supports and manages projects aimed at informing and forging links between people. It encourages environmental protection, supports people in medical or social difficulty and promotes the French language. As part of an innovative scheme, employees can take time off work to support community action initiatives.

(Updated: 26 September 2016)
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