The Foundation's objectives

Founded in 2005 by Bouygues to promote equal opportunity for all, the Francis Bouygues Foundation supports young people with social or financial difficulties so that they can pursue their higher education studies and fulfil their ambitious career goals.

Financial support

Each year, the Francis Bouygues Foundation hands out around 60 grants ranging between €1,500 to €5,000 per year, which can be added to the state student grant, to be spent on accommodation and living expenses.
Grants awarded by the Francis Bouygues Foundation can be extended from one year to the next, at the end of the academic year in June, provided that the results continue to be excellent and depending on how the mentor views the grant-holder’s mindset and motivation.

Staff involvement

The Foundation appoints a mentor for each grant-holder, chosen from among Bouygues group employees, former retired employees or former grant-holders who have since found employment.

In the public interest

Students are not required to enrol on courses related to activities of the Bouygues group.
The Foundation has already helped students throughout their higher education to become doctors, vets, school teachers, archaeologists, architects, chemists, police superintendents, engineers, lawyers, etc.



Why such a foundation?

“I have always found it grossly unfair that gifted and hard-working young people should be prevented from studying for social or financial reasons. Our Foundation can help some of them. I wanted this Foundation to be named after Francis Bouygues, the founder of our Group, a talented entrepreneur and a staunch defender of merit-based social advancement throughout his life.”

Martin Bouygues, Chairman and CEO of Bouygues.

(Updated: January 2016)

The Francis Bouygues Foundation is 10 years old

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