Mentors’ stories

Building ties with students

Mentors forge ties with grant-holders and provide a point of reference in their new educational environment and future career path. Mentors are attentive and provide tailored advice. They monitor course marks and promote values based on trust, sharing, and mutual respect.


“By sharing my experience of the world of business with Adriana and by her giving access to my network of professional contacts, I feel as though I am really helping to improve equal opportunities. Our discussions are enriching and I am delighted with my first experience as a mentor for the Francis Bouygues Foundation.

 Valérie Petitbon, Bouygues Immobilier





“It is a pleasure to help a young, bright and hard-working undergraduate to pursue his higher education. I was lucky to have done just that for Victor over a five-year period. After two years of preparatory classes at Lycée Clémenceau in Nantes, Victor did very well in his higher education studies and is now on a doctorate course in pursuit of his dream to become a nuclear physics researcher.

As a mentor, it has been fulfilling and stimulating to be continually attentive, to regularly review his progress and motivations, to encourage him during difficult times, to check on the quality of his work, to meet for lunch and to congratulate him upon good year-end results. Without the Foundation, I would never have had the pleasure of providing this support and forging such a relationship.”

Christophe Minard, Colas



“I was lucky to have benefited from financial support and lots of advice during my higher education, it’s now my turn to help.”

Amélie Thomassin, former grant-holder of the 2nd intake, graduated in 2013. Pharmacy intern at Dijon University Hospital

(Updated: January 2016)