The Francis Bouygues Foundation has three decision-making bodies:

  • The Board of Directors, comprised of eight Bouygues group directors and four experts from the academic work, determines the strategic priorities of the Foundation and makes sure that it is governed well. It meets at least twice per year.
  • The Selection committee reviews, pre-selects and interviews the future grant-holders of the Foundation.
  • The General Committee meets twice yearly to examine whether to extend or adjust the amount of the grant given to the student. Grants awarded by the Francis Bouygues Foundation can be extended from one year to the next, at the end of the academic year in June, provided that the results continue to be excellent and depending on how the mentor views the grant-holder’s mindset and motivation.

Representatives of the Bouygues group

Philippe Montagner,
François Bertière,
Chairman and CEO of Bouygues Immobillier
Sylvie Bocognano,
Internal Communications and Corporate Sponsorship Director of Bouygues Telecom
Martin Bouygues,
Chairman and CEO of Bouygues
Jean-François Guillemin,
Corporate Secretary of Bouygues
Catherine Nayl,
Director of News and Information of TF1
Jean-Manuel Soussan,
Human Resources Director of Bouygues Construction
Philippe Tournier,
Human Resources Director of Colas
Christel Navarro,
Corporate Secretary of the Francis Bouygues Foundation

People from outside the group qualified in the educational field

Sandrine Corbière,
Yves Gaudemet,
Philippe Mahrer,
Jacques Staniec,


(Updated: January 2016)