In the educational field, the Bouygues group provides help for students in difficulty. 


COREP (Centre for Career Guidance and Psychological Testing) was created by SPAEEM (Society for the Protection of Apprentices and Children Employed in Manufacturing) to help young people from deprived backgrounds to achieve their academic and professional goals.

  • Bouygues has been providing financial support to COREP since 2011.
FÉÉ – Endowment Fund for Equal Opportunity at School

The Endowment Fund for Equal Opportunity at School has for a number of years been providing support for the “Coup de Pouce Clé” scheme led by APFEE (an association promoting equal opportunity at school).

The Endowment Fund aims to provide long-term support for any initiatives and actions that afford the ‘right to academic success for all’.

  • Bouygues is one of the founder members of the FÉÉ Donation Fund for Equal Opportunity at School.
Foundation for the development of Paris-Dauphine University

The foundation aims to support implementation of the university’s innovative educational projects, to extend the university’s influence, particularly internationally through involvement with teaching and research establishments in other countries, and to create grants for French or foreign students at Paris-Dauphine.

  • Bouygues is a founder member of the Foundation.
Francis Bouygues Foundation

Set up in June 2005, the Francis Bouygues Foundation helps motivated school-leavers with financial difficulties to finance their studies.

At 1 September 2012, 426 students received grants from the Francis Bouygues Foundation.

All the Group’s business areas contribute to financing the Foundation.

Find out more about the Francis Bouygues Foundation, click here.

Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lille

The academic institution “Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lille” has set up a programme of integrated studies designed for secondary school students from low-income families living in northern France.


Bouygues has supported this programme since 2010.

Orchestre à l’Ecole

The aim of this charity is to encourage the practice of music in schools through initiatives that help to create, fund, develop and promote school orchestras

  • Bouygues has provided support since 2010.  
Trait d’Union France - Madagascar

Set up in 2000, the charity sends new books in French to Madagascar. The books are then distributed locally.

  • Financial support has been provided since 2008.

(Updated: January 2016)


Clélie Avit wins the Bouygues Telecom-Metro New Talent Prize for her novel Je suis là.

Je suis làFor more information (French version only)

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