The restoration

The aim of this ambitious project was not to make an authentic copy of the original 18th century building. The Culture Ministry, the Navy and the Bouygues group agreed on an essential point: the works had to reflect the changing times the building has lived through, including the Revolution and the installation of the Nuclear Weapons Ministry in the State reception rooms. The Bouygues group has been responsible for coordinating a unique operation that will enable the building to tell its entire history. The Hôtel de la Marine will not be frozen in time, a mere reflection of its original condition.

12 months of restoration for the peristyle

From erection of the first scaffolding to unveiling of the loggia, it took 12 months of work to reinstate the initial harmony of the peristyle frontage. 

18 months of restoration of interior décors

Restoration work on the Admirals Hall and Golden Gallery started in mid October 2007 and ran through to mid July 2008. Work then proceeded on the Hall of Honour and the small Warports Gallery which were completed in mid April 2009.
The work was carried out within a reasonably tight timeframe.

(Updated: January 2016)