2 min
Fair winds and following seas
Find out more about the Bouygues group through portraits of its employees and interviews with them. Episode 2: Émeric Michel, Deputy operations…
2 min
Bouygues Group
COP 22: inventing tomorrow's world
The Bouygues group is taking part in COP 22 in Marrakesh between 7 and 18 November and is presenting its sustainable construction innovations there.
2 min
Bouygues Group
The new corporate website is more than just a communication tool. We have revamped it to offer a new experience with a simplified menu, access to key ...
3 min
Groupe TF1
The rules of the game
The success of Chrono Bomb’ and Trésor Detector has helped TF1 Games-Dujardin, a TF1 subsidiary, become a recognised player in the board games busi ...
In pictures
1 min
Bouygues Construction
A new seat of justice
PARIS. In the northwest corner of the capital, Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France is carrying out its largest project, the future Paris Law Courts. An a ...
2 min
Bouygues Telecom
Find out more about the Bouygues group through portraits of its employees and interviews with them. Episode 1: Benjamin Lang and his double life as…
2 min
Bouygues Telecom
The genie of connected objects
Objenious is a new company created by Bouygues Telecom to strengthen its position in the Internet of Things. Several customers are already using its s ...
3 min
Bouygues Immobilier
Nextdoor: for a new approach to working
Arthur Juin, Jean de Guerre and Roseline Desgroux are all business people who are keen users of Nextdoor, the collaborative workspaces launched by Bou ...
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