Strategy & Strengths

With 120,000 employees, Bouygues is a diversified industrial group whose activities (construction, media, telecoms) aim to bring innovative solutions to as many people as possible, through infrastructure in its construction businesses as well as through digital technologies.
Bouygues draws on the skills and expertise of its people to add value to the products and services it offers in each of its activities. The Group aims to strengthen its position as a global player in construction, energy, and transport infrastructure, maintain its leading position in the French media industry and underpin the spread of digital technologies in the telecoms sector for the benefit of customers and end-users alike.

A stable shareholder structure

A stable shareholder structure means that Bouygues can take a long-term approach to strategy. Its two largest shareholders are the Group’s employees and SCDM, a holding company controlled by Martin and Olivier Bouygues.
  • SCDM owned 20.4% of the capital and 27.9% of the voting rights at 31 December 2015.

  • Over 60,000 employees owned shares in the company at 31 December 2015, confirming Bouygues as the CAC 40 company with the highest level of employee share ownership. Employees owned 21.4% of the capital and 28.6% of the voting rights at 31 December 2015.

A strong corporate culture

Project management expertise and a management approach based on empowerment have always been a feature of the Group’s corporate culture, founded on the values of respect, trust and fairness shared by its five subsidiaries.

A robust financial structure

Bouygues knows how to keep capital expenditure under control while generating cash flows on a regular basis. The Group carries little debt and has a very substantial cash surplus.
Drawing on these strengths, Bouygues has paid out a regular dividend to shareholders. The average dividend yield was 4.6% in 2015.

A focus on stable long-term markets

Very substantial infrastructure and housing needs exist worldwide and there is increasing demand from customers for sustainable construction (in the form of passive or positive-energy buildings, for example) and sparing use of resources. Bouygues has developed acknowledged expertise in these areas, distinguishing the Group from its rivals, giving it a competitive edge and enabling it to grow strongly on international markets (Bouygues Construction and Colas generated 53% of their sales outside France in 2015).


(Updated: February 2016)