Accounts Committee

The Accounts Committee was formed in 1996. It is tasked with overseeing the process for preparing the financial statements and financial information; verifying the effectiveness of internal control and risk management; supervising the auditor selection procedure and monitoring audit assignments.

  • Helman le Pas de Sécheval (Chairman)
  • Clara Gaymard
  • Anne-Marie Idrac
  • Michèle Vilain

Selection and Remuneration Committee

The Selection Committee (formed in 1995) and the Remuneration Committee (formed in 1997) were merged into a single committee in 2016.

The Selection and Remuneration Committee gives its opinion on appointments to the Board and on term-of-office renewals of  the CEO and directors, as well as on the calculation method and the amount of remuneration paid to corporate officers.

  • Colette Lewiner (Chairwoman)
  • Francis Castagné
  • Helman le Pas de Sécheval

Ethics, CSR and Patronage Committee

The Ethics, CSR and Patronage Committee was formed in March 2001. It ensures compliance with the Group’s values and rules of conduct. It gives its opinion on patronage initiatives.

  • Anne-Marie Idrac (Chairwoman)
  • Raphaëlle Deflesselle
  • Sandra Nombret
  • Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe

(Updated: May 2016)