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Bouygues throughout the world

Non-exhaustive list

Africa-Middle East
ALGERIABritish Embassy (Algiers) - (2007-2009)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
BENINSavalou-Djougou road - Colas (2001)Colas (subsidiary)
Engineering structure in Cotonou - Colas (2007-2009)Colas (subsidiary)
BOTSWANAFrancistown Hospital - (1985-1988) – BouyguesBouygues (Group)
COMOROSRehabilitation of three roads totalling 41 km (2012-2013)Colas (subsidiary)
CONGON'Kossa barge - (1995)Bouygues (Group)
Power lines in Congo, 500 km between Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville — Bouygues Construction — ongoing (2008-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
DJIBOUTIUpgrading of the urban bypass in Djibouti - (2007-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
EGYPTLines 2 (1999-2001) and 3 of the Cairo metro (2007-2014) — Bouygues Construction & ColasBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
GABONRehabilitation and widening of a 20-km section of the RN1 roadColas (subsidiary)
IRANTeheran Olympic Complex — Bouygues (1972-1974)Bouygues (Group)
IVORY COASTYopougon Hospital - (1986-1989)Bouygues (Group)
Inset University — Yamoussoukro - (1983)Bouygues (Group)
National School of Public Works, University of YamoussoukroBouygues (Group)
Abidjan bridge road concession — ongoing (since 2012 - 2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Ivory CoastBouygues (Group)
JORDANSulphuric acid plant (Aqaba) — Bouygues (1993-1995)Bouygues (Group)
Phosphoric acid plant (Aqaba) — Bouygues (1992-1994)Bouygues (Group)
KUWAITBubiyan bridge — Bouygues (1981-1983)Bouygues (Group)
LEBANONSeafront redevelopment project (Beirut) — Bouygues Construction (1997-2000)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
MADAGASCARWork on the Tuléar flood bank - Colas (2001)Colas (subsidiary)
Rehabilitation of a 52-km section of RN43 road (2012-2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of infrastructure for major mining projects in Fort Dauphin, Ambatovy/Toamasina (2006-2009)Colas (subsidiary)
Restoration of Rova Palace - (2007-2009)Colas (subsidiary)
RN6 road — Colas (2005-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Route de la Vanille road (2003)Colas (subsidiary)
MAURITIUSResurfacing and extension of the runway and construction of a taxiway at the airport in Mauritius (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Roads and utilities for holiday property developments - (2006-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
MAYOTTEAsphalt applications in Mamoudzou - Colas (2000)Colas (subsidiary)
Hillside reservoir in Dzoumogne - (2000)Colas (subsidiary)
Extension and renovation, as part of a design-build contract, of the Majicavo prison (2012-2014)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of Majicavo remand centre (2011)Colas (subsidiary)
Extension to Longoni port — Colas (2004-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Dzaoudzi airport worksite — Colas (2003)Colas (subsidiary)
MOROCCORabat housing project - (1995-1999) – BouyguesBouygues (Group)
Casablanca bay sanitation project - (1993-1995)Bouygues (Group)
Hassan II mosque (Casablanca) - (1987-1992)Bouygues (Group)
Agadir airport — Bouygues (1989-1991)Bouygues (Group)
Tan Tan fishing port — Bouygues (1976-1980)Bouygues (Group)
New Tangiers container port (Tanger Med 2) — Bouygues Construction — ongoing (2010-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of a 9km-section of the Casablanca tramway (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of platforms for the Renault factory in Tangiers - ColasColas (subsidiary)
Rabat-Salé tramway - (2008-2010)Colas (subsidiary)
Royal Mansour hotel complex in Marrakech - (2006-2008) – Bouygues ConstructionBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Commercial port in Tangiers — Bouygues Construction (delivered mid- 2007)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of a bypass in Nador — Colas (2004-2005)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction and repair of runways (Casablanca/Essaouira) — Colas (2002-2003)Colas (subsidiary)
NAMIBIAEmulsion plants – ColasColas (subsidiary)
NIGERIALagos thermal power plant - (1981-1987) – BouyguesBouygues (Group)
QATARRas Laffan LNG tanks — Bouygues (1993-1996)Bouygues (Group)
QP District complex, Doha - Bouygues Construction - ongoing (2009-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
REUNIONReunion Island airport -(1992-1994)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Nouvelle Route du Littoral coastal highway (2014-2018)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Strengthening and widening of runways at Roland-Garros airport (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Tamarins road (2005-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
SAUDI ARABIARiyadh university (this university complex remains the world's biggest building worksite to date) — Bouygues (1981-1984)Bouygues (Group)
Equestrian Club property complex — Bouygues Construction (2005-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
SOUTH AFRICAN4 motorway between Johannesburg and the port of Maputo in Mozambique (1997-2001) – BouyguesColas (subsidiary)
80-km rail transport link project between Johannesburg and Pretoria - Bouygues Construction (ongoing project)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
TANZANIADar-Es-Salaam Airport - (1981-1984) – BouyguesBouygues (Group)
TOGOUpgrading of the 3-lane dual carriageway crossing Lomé - ColasColas (subsidiary)
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESRedline metro (Dubai) — Bouygues Construction (2006-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Ritz Carlton Hotel (Dubai) — Bouygues Construction (2005-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
North America
CANADAContract for the maintenance of 2,000 km of dual carriageway in Alberta (1996)Colas (subsidiary)
James Bay dam - (1990-1992)Colas (subsidiary)
PPP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters - Surrey, British Columbia - ongoing (2010-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Three sporting facilities, Ontario - ongoing (2012-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Iqaluit airport (Spring 2014 - end-2017)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of an intermodal rail logistics hub at Calgary (Alberta) (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Three sporting facilities in Ontario - ongoing (2012 - 2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
PPP contract for the RCMP headquarters in Surrey (2010 - 2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Surrey Hospital (2008-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of a section of Highway 73, Quebec - Colas - ongoingColas (subsidiary)
Widening of Highway 85, part of the Trans-Canadian Highway in Quebec - ColasColas (subsidiary)
Repair work at Prince George Airport (British Colombia) (2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Widening of Highway 63 in the town of Fort McMurray - (2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of three engineering structures and road/motorway infrastructure (Quebec) (2007)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction and repair of runways at Fort Mc Murray (Alberta) (2003-2005)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of a section of Highway 55 (Quebec) (2006)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of sections of Highway 37 (British Colombia) (2003-2005)Colas (subsidiary)
USABrickell CityCentre property complex - ongoing (2013-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Widening of a section of Seward Highway (Alaska) (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
PPP: Miami tunnel - ongoing (2009-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Port of Miami Tunnel PPP contract - ongoing (2009 - 2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resurfacing of road pavements over a 42-km section of Highway 71 at Limon (Colorado) (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Upgrading of a 108-km section of Interstate 55 in Missouri - ColasColas (subsidiary)
Extension to Port of Anchorage (Alberta) (2007-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Repairing and widening runways at Ketchikan (Alaska) (2007-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of road and rail infrastructure for the port of Portsmouth (Virginia) (2007)Colas (subsidiary)
Widening and rebuilding part of the I-275 in Turner county (Georgia)Colas (subsidiary)
Development of the seafront promenade in the port of Los Angeles (California) (2005)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of a container storage platform in the port of Norfolk (Virginia) (2005)Colas (subsidiary)
Pier 400 (Los Angeles) (2002-2004)Colas (subsidiary)
Rehabilitation of a section de the I-275 (Ohio) (2003)Colas (subsidiary)
Central America and South America
BRAZILRiocentro Hotel - ongoing (2012-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
CUBADesign and construction of new upmarket hotel complexes, eastern CubaBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Luxury hotels (Varadero et Cayo Santa Maria) — Bouygues ConstructionBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
DOMINICAN REPUBLICContainer port, Caucedo (2001-2003)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
FRENCH GUIANAAccess road to Oyapock bridge on the Brazilian borderColas (subsidiary)
Construction of the Saint Laurent du Maroni road (Apatou) - (2004-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Building of the RN2 road between Régina and Saint Georges (2002-2003)Colas (subsidiary)
GUADELOUPEConstruction of platforms for the extension of a port in Guadeloupe (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of platmforms for the extension of a port in Guadeloupe (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Repairs to the aerodrome runway on the island of Marie Galante (2007)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of runways of Raizet Airport - (2005)Colas (subsidiary)
JAMAICAHighway 2000 — Bouygues Construction — (2004)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
MARTINIQUEWidening of A1 motorways as part of a project for a public transport system with dedicated road space in Fort-de-France - Colas (2007)Colas (subsidiary)
Development of A1 motorwaysColas (subsidiary)
Novacol in-place recycling worksites on the RD2, RD15 and RD36 roads (2004)Colas (subsidiary)
MEXICOBaluarte Bridge (2008-2012)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Monterey Bridge - (2003)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOWaterfront International Development: 150,000-m2 property development — (2005-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
VENEZUELAConstruction of the new Los Teques metro line (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction work on the Caracas subway systems — Bouygues Construction & ColasBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
AUSTRALIASydney metro — Bouygues (1995)Bouygues (Group)
Rail tunnel - ongoing (2012-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Hale Street Link (Brisbane) (2008-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Brisbane River viaduct — Bouygues Construction ongoing project (2007-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
CHINAChong Ming tunnel (Shanghai) — Bouygues Construction (2006-2009)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
HONG KONGLes Saisons residential complex — Bouygues Construction (1999-2001)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Cathay Pacific head office — Bouygues (1996-1999)Bouygues (Group)
Tai Lam tunnel — Bouygues (1995-1998)Bouygues (Group)
Convention Center — Bouygues (1995-1997)Bouygues (Group)
Rambler Channel MTRC 510 rail bridge — Bouygues (1994-1997)Bouygues (Group)
Hong Kong Central Reclamation — Bouygues (1993-1997)Bouygues (Group)
Cheung Ching tunnel — Bouygues (1993-1997)Bouygues (Group)
Rambler Channel road bridge — Bouygues (1993-1996)Bouygues (Group)
Happy Valley racecourse — Bouygues (1993-1996)Bouygues (Group)
Tsing Ma bridge — Bouygues (1992-1994)Bouygues (Group)
Hong Kong national stadium — Bouygues (1992-1994)Bouygues (Group)
Kai Tak airport bridge — Bouygues (1992-1993)Bouygues (Group)
Pacific Place II office towers — Bouygues (1991)Bouygues (Group)
Tuen Mun - Chek Lap Kok subsea tunnel - ongoing (2013-2018)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
9.4-km section of the bridge linking Hong Kong and Macao - ongoing (2012-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Trade and Industry tower - ongoing (2012-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
New civil aviation department headquarters — ongoing (2009-2012)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Kai Tak Cruise Terminal – ongoing (2010-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Marriott Sky City Hotel — Bouygues Construction (2006-2009)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Tsing Yi viaduct — Bouygues Construction (2004-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Lok Ma Chau tunnel — Bouygues Construction (2002-2006)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Asia World Expo exhibition centre — Bouygues Construction (2003-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
INDIACrossing of the Vashista Godavari river by directional drilling as part of a project to build a 1,508-km pipeline — Colas (2006-2007)Colas (subsidiary)
INDONESIAMaintenance of mining roads (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of Surabaya airport in Java — Colas (2003-2005)Colas (subsidiary)
MACAOCity of Dreams Hotel, Macao - Bouygues Construction - ongoing (2013 - end-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Podium for the Venetian Cotai casino — Bouygues Construction (2005-2006)Colas (subsidiary)
MALAYSIAKuala Lumpur main station — Bouygues (1997-2001)Bouygues (Group)
Construction of the Kelana Jaya light-rail transit system. (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Refinery at the Kemaman port site — Colas (2007)Colas (subsidiary)
MYANMAR (BURMA)Design and build of the second phase of Star City, a major residential complex - (2013-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
NEW CALEDONIAVanuatu airport runways — Colas (2001)Colas (subsidiary)
Earthworks and civil engineering on a mining project in Goro Nickel — Colas (2006)Colas (subsidiary)
SINGAPOREFullerton Square Hotel — Bouygues (1998-2000)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Pontiac Marina property complex — Bouygues (1993-1995)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Bishan Street residential complex - ongoing (2013-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Blossom Residences residential development — ongoing (2011-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Pinnacle Collection residential complex — ongoing (2010-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Premier Park — (2008-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Hotel@quayside hotel complex — (2008-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Singapore Sports Hub - Bouygues Construction - ongoing (2010-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Savannah Park residential complex — Bouygues Construction (2002-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Two Sail@Marina Bay residential towers — Bouygues Construction (2004)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
SOUTH KOREAPort of Pusan (2007-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Machang Bridge across Masan Bay — Bouygues Construction (2004-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Seonyu footbridge (Seoul) — Bouygues Construction (2001-2002)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
THAILANDLeisure complex (Bangkok) — Bouygues (1997-1998)Bouygues (Group)
Muang Thong Thani residential complex — Bouygues (1991-1994)Bouygues (Group)
The Popular Condominiums in Muang Thong Thani — Bouygues (1991-1994)Bouygues (Group)
Noble Ploenchit residential complex, Bangkok (2012-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Three photovoltaic power plants in Thailand (build & operation: 2013-2018)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
MahaNakhon Tower, Bangkok (2012-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Noble Ploenchit residential complex in Bangkok (2012 - 2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resurfacing of runway at Bangkok airport (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Residential tower and office building in the Ploenchit district, Bangkok — ongoing (2012-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
The Met Residence (Bangkok) — Bouygues Construction (2006-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Athénée Tower (Bangkok) — Bouygues Construction (2005-2007)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Andaman Tower (Bangkok) — Bouygues Construction (2005-2006)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Impact Challenger exhibition centre (Bangkok) — Bouygues Construction (2004-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
The Lakes Raimon Tower (Bangkok) — Bouygues Construction (2003-2004)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Night-time resurfacing of a 150,000 m² stretch of Bangkok's urban motorways — Colas (2003)Colas (subsidiary)
Resurfacing of North Sathorn Road in Bangkok - ColasColas (subsidiary)
TURKMENISTANConvention and fine arts centre (Ashgabat) — Bouygues (1997-1999)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Goktepe mosque (Ashgabat) — Bouygues (1994-1995)Bouygues (Group)
Ashgabat Congress Centre - ongoing (2012-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Renovation of Rukhiet Palace (2012)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Economy and Finance Ministry, Ashgabat — ongoing (2011-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
5-star hotel, Ashgabat — ongoing (2011-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
5-star hotel (Ashgabat) — Bouygues Construction, in progress (2011-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Exhibition centre (Ashgabat) — Bouygues Construction (2002-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Kiptchak mosque — Bouygues Construction (2001-2004)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Ministry of Oil and Gas (Ashgabat) — Bouygues Construction (2003)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
School complex for 1,000 pupils – Bouygues Construction (2001-2002)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
5-star Oguzkent Hotel – Bouygues Construction (2008-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
State University Geography Faculty - Bouygues Construction (2009-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
VIETNAMInternational Conference Centre (Hanoi) — Bouygues (1996-1997)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
M&C Tower (Ho Chi Minh City) — Bouygues (ongoing project, 2008-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Europe (excluding France)
ALBANIAL'Avangard' (Nanterre) (2011) — Architect: Dolle LabbeBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Public lighting, Paris — ongoing (2011-2021)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
BELGIUMResurfacing and widening to dual 3-lane of a 21-km section of the E42 motorway (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Les Jardins de Wellington (Walloon Brabant – Braine L'Alleud) (2011) Architect: CerauBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Résidence 1905 (Wallonia – Liège) (2010) Architect: Jacques ValentinyBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Delta/Tilia project (Brussels) (2010) – 2,700m² concession, 5,400 m² of offices and 229 housing units Architect: Conix/Architecte Bruno SchotteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Clos Cerès (Brussels) – Bouygues Immobilier (2009) Architect: ASSARBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Chasse Royale (Brussels) – Bouygues Immobilier (2005-2007) Architect: ASSARBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Rehabilitation of an 11-km section of the E17 Antwerp-Ghent motorway — Colas (2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Rehabilitation of the Antwerp ring road — Colas (2004-2005)Colas (subsidiary)
CROATIAZagreb airport concession contract and construction of a new terminal - Bouygues Construction - ongoing (end-2013 - end-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Istria motorway — Bouygues Construction (1997-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
CYPRUSLarnaka airport — Bouygues Construction (2006-2009)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Pafos airport — Bouygues Construction (2006-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
CZECH REPUBLICPrague airport — Bouygues Construction (1995-1997)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resurfacing of two sections of the D1 motorway (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
DENMARKRunway resurfacing at Aalborg airport (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Section of Copenhagen underground — Colas (2003-2004)Colas (subsidiary)
FINLANDRunway resurfacing at Jivaskyla and Kuusamo airports (2004)Colas (subsidiary)
Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor — Bouygues Construction (handed over)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
GERMANYWarnow tunnel (Rostock) — Bouygues Construction (2003)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
HUNGARYEuropean Business Center (Budapest) — Bouygues Construction (1992-1994)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Widening to dual 3-lane of the MO motorway ringroad in Budapest (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
M6-M60 motorway (PPP) — Colas (2008-2010)Colas (subsidiary)
M6 (30-km section) — Colas (2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Sewage treatment plant in Csepsel (Budapest) — Colas (2008)Colas (subsidiary)
MO (9-km section) Budapest — Colas (2007)Colas (subsidiary)
M5 motorway — Bouygues Construction & Colas (1998-2007)Colas (subsidiary)
New sports arena in Budapest — Bouygues Construction (2001-2003)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
ICELANDWidening of the road between Reykjavik and Keflavik — Colas (2004)Colas (subsidiary)
NETHERLANDSGroene Hart Tunnel — Bouygues Construction (2000-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
POLANDConstruction of Poznan west motorway bypass in Poland (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Le Village in Warsaw (2014) – Architect: J & L ArchitecteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Miasteczko Orange, (Warsaw) - Bouygues Immobilier (Ongoing project: 2011-2013) Futur head office, certified BREEAM Very Good (design phase), of Telekomunikacja Polska S.A (TPSA), the No.1 Polish telecommunications operator Architect : Fiszer Atelier EuropeBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Miasteczko Orange in Warsaw — ongoing (2011-2013) Future head office, certified BREEAM Very Good (design phase), of Telekomunikacja Polska S.A (TPSA), the No.1 Polish telecommunications operator — Architect: Fiszer Atelier Start of works: 2011 Handover: 2013Bouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
A4 motorway, section between Zgorzelec and Krzyzowa (ongoing project)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
The Villa Moderne residential project in Warsaw — Bouygues Immobilier (2008) — Architect: Szymborski - Szymborski ArchitectsBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
The Villa Moderne residential project in Warsaw — Bouygues Immobilier (2008) Architect: Szymborski — Szymborski ArchitectsBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
PORTUGALThe Aqua Portimao shopping centre — Bouygues Immobilier (2011) Architect: Sua Kay architectsBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Magalhaes Tower (Lisbon) — Bouygues Immobilier (2004) Head office of Danone, Bouygues Immobilier offices, other clients Architect: Jean-Michel WillmoteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Guimarães - Bouygues Immobilier (2010) Architect: Broadway MalyanBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Mar Vermelho, the European Maritime Safety Agency offices in Lisbon — Bouygues Immobilier (2006) Architect: Marc RolinetBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Braga retail centre — Bouygues Immobilier (2006) Architect: Broadway & MalyanBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Retail Parc in Albufeira — Bouygues Immobilier (2003) Architect: Broadway & MalyanBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
PRINCIPALITY OF MONACOPort of Monaco — Bouygues Construction (1999-2001)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Monaco Opera House — Bouygues Construction (2003-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Renovation of the Hermitage Hotel — Bouygues Construction (2002)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
ROMANIABucharest financial plazza — Bouygues Construction (1995-1997)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Bucharest International Trade Centre — Bouygues Construction (1992-1994)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Upgrading of a 150-km section of the DN1 and DN17 roads — Colas (2006-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Bucharest law courts — Bouygues Construction (2003-2006)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
RUSSIAState University (Moscow) — Bouygues Construction (1999-2000)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Cosmonaut training centre (Joukovski) — Bouygues (1996-1998)Bouygues (Group)
Iris hospital hotel (Moscow) — Bouygues (1988-1990)Bouygues (Group)
Citydel Business Center (Moscow) — Bouygues Construction (2005-2007)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Logistics platform for Belaya Datcha — I & II (Moscow) — Bouygues Construction (2005-2006)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Exxon Mobile office building (Sakhalin) — Bouygues Construction (2003-2006)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Vizavi office buildings (Moscow) — Bouygues Construction (2004)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
SLOVAKIAD1 motorway between Mengusovce and Janvoce) — Colas (2006-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
PSA Peugeot Citroën plant in Trnava — Bouygues Construction (2003-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
SPAINTarragona tower in Barcelona — Bouygues Immobilier (1998) Architect: Josep Maria FargasBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Cristalia business park in Madrid — Bouygues Immobilier (ongoing) Architect: Valode & Pistre (2011) Architects: Rafael de la Hoz (Buildings 4 and 4B) – Carlos Lamela (Buildings 5 and 6) – Gabriel Allende (Buildings 7 and 8) – Valode & Pistre (Buildings 2 and 3) – RTKL (Building 1) – Ana Ordaz (Hotel AC) – Estudio de Arquitectura INDYA (Building 9)Bouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Vallmar development in Barcelona — Bouygues Immobilier (2005) Architect: ARCHIKUBIKBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Cristalia business park in Madrid — Bouygues Immobilier (2011) Architect: Valode & PistreBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
SWITZERLANDTwo high-tech office buildings called Swing (Zurich) — Bouygues Construction (2001)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Rehabilitation of a 6-km section of A16 motorway (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Swiss post office HQ at Bern (2011-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Eikenott eco-neighbourhood — ongoing (since 2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Prime Tower (Zurich) — (2008-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Rolex Learning Center at the Ecole Polytechnique (Lausanne) — Bouygues Construction (2007-2009)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Raurica Nova leisure centre (Basel) — Bouygues Construction (2007-2009)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Postal sorting centre (Härkingen) — Bouygues Construction (2005-2007)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Ferden tunnel (Groppenstein) — Bouygues Construction (2001-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of a two-lane tramway line in Geneva — Colas (2003)Colas (subsidiary)
STMicroelectronics headquarters (Geneva) — Bouygues Construction (2000-2002)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of the Geneva tramway – 2011Colas (subsidiary)
UKRAINEConfinement shelter for Chernobyl — consortium: Bouygues Construction 50% and Vinci 50% (since 2007)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Chernobyl sarcophagus — (consortium: Bouygues Construction and Vinci) since 2007Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
UNITED KINGDOMConstruction of Cornwall House at King's College, University of London (PFI) — Bouygues Construction (1998-1999)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Extension of the main runway at Birmingham International Airport (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Upgrading and maintenance of the main roads of central London, 8-year contract (2013-2021)Colas (subsidiary)
Financing, design, building and operation of the University of Hertfordshire campus, north of London (2013-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Urban renewal project at Canning Town, London (2012-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resurfacing of runways at Gatwick and Birmingham airports (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
Design and building of three tower blocks in Southampton - ongoing (2012-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Four secondary schools in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London - ongoing (2011-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
New Tyne Crossing, Newcastle – ongoing (2007-2012)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
North Middlesex Hospital – ongoing (2007-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Area 12 – Contract to manage and maintain the road and motorway network in Yorshire and North Lincolnshire - ColasColas (subsidiary)
Central Middlesex Hospital — Bouygues Construction (2003-2006)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Runway resurfacing at Sumburgh airport (Shetland Islands) (2006)Colas (subsidiary)
Eastbury School in Barking — Bouygues Construction (2004-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
British Home Office building in London — Bouygues Construction (2002-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Public lighting in the district of Lambeth, London — ETDEBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
West Middlesex Hospital (Isleworth) — Bouygues Construction (2001-2004)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Upgrading and maintenance of the road and street network in Portsmouth (PFI) — Colas (ongoing project)Colas (subsidiary)
FRANCECœur Défense towers (La Défense business district) — Bouygues Construction (1998-2001)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Four seasons-George V Hotel (Paris) — Bouygues Construction (1998-1999)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Avignon viaducts — Bouygues Construction (1998)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Stade de France stadium (Saint-Denis) — Bouygues (1995-1997)Bouygues (Group)
French National Library (Paris) — Bouygues (1992-1995)Bouygues (Group)
Normandy bridge — Bouygues (1990-1995)Bouygues (Group)
Channel Tunnel — Bouygues (1986-1993)Bouygues (Group)
Louvre Museum (Richelieu wing) in Paris — Bouygues Construction (1990-1992)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Northern ring road (Lyon) — Bouygues (1990)Bouygues (Group)
Parc des Princes stadium (Paris) — Bouygues (1968-1972)Bouygues (Group)
Grande Arche de la Défense — Bouygues (1985-1989)Bouygues (Group)
Ile de Ré bridge — Bouygues (1987-1988)Bouygues (Group)
Challenger, Bouygues' historic headquarters — Bouygues (1985-1988)Bouygues (Group)
Orsay museum (Paris) — Bouygues (1983-1986)Bouygues (Group)
Les Docks at St Denis (2010) Architect: Badia BergéBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Les Lodges (Chanteloup-en-Brie) - (2015) - Architect: AW2/AdemeBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
La Mondiale's Peri XV building (Issy-les‐Moulineaux) - (2015) - Architect: Christian de PortzamparcBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Green Office® Batignolles (Paris) - (2017) - Architects: BE Paris and SCAPEBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Le Dièdre (Toulouse) - 2013 - Architect: Jean-Pierre LaborieBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Font Pré (Toulon) - (2017) - Architect: Guy Malot, ATTBBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Green Office® Bordeaux (Bordeaux) - (2016) - Architect: Architecture StudioBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Domaine d'Antoine (Troyes) - (2015) - Architect: Laurent ThomassinBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
La Manufacture - Les Rives (Metz) - (2015) - Architect: Agence Denu & ParadonBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
PPP: L2 bypass, Marseille - ongoing (2013 - end-2017)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resufacing of runway 1 at Toulouse-Blagnac airport (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Demolition of Ambès thermal power station (2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Cap Azur (Roquebrune-Cap-Martin) - (2013) - Ecological performance prize in the Innovation category in 2011Bouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
The Paris Bar Law School (Issy-les-Moulineaux) (2012) Architect: Wilmotte & AssociésBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Art & Fact (Rueil-Malmaison) (2014) Office building with HQE®, BREEAM and BBC-effinergie® certification, to be occupied 45% by Schneider. Architect: Jean-Michel WilmotteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
"Tour Incity" tower block in Lyon - ongoing (2013-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
"City of music” PPP contract on Seguin Island, Paris (2014-2016)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of tramways at Tours, Besançon and Valenciennes (2012)Colas (subsidiary)
The Paris Bar Law School in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris. - (2012) Architect: Wilmotte & AssociésBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Design, build and maintain contract for Bordeaux University - ongoing (2013-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Renovation of Paris Zoological Park - ongoing (2011-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Nîmes-Montpellier high-speed rail by-pass PPP -ongoing (2012-2017)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Renovation of Tour Athéna at la Défense - ongoing (2012-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Amiens Hospital – Bouygues Construction – ongoing (2009-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
PPP: velodrome – Saint-Quentin-en- Yvelines, near Paris – Bouygues Construction – ongoing (2010-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Rueil extension (Rueil-Malmaison) (2014) - Architect: Jean-Michel WilmotteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Green Office® (Rueil-Malmaison) (2014) - Architect: Jean-Michel WilmotteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Maison de l'Ecriture (Montricher) — ongoing (2009-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
City West residential complex in Zurich — ongoing (since 2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Valnaturéal (Marseille) (2013)Bouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Sunstone (Lyon) (2012) — Business park — Architect: SOHOBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Aeroffice (Toulouse) – Architect: Raymond BernalBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
O2 Ponts (Toulouse) – Architect: Jean-François MartinieBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Le Prado (Marseille) (2014) — Head office of La Banque Populaire Provençale et Corse — Architect: Cabinet C+T — Roland CARTABouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Symphony (St Fons) (2013) – Programme in an urban development zone – Architect: ARCHIGROUP M.Denys LégerBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
La Fabrique (Bordeaux) (2014) – Architect: Atelier Christian De PortzamparcBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Campus Sanofi Val de Bièvre (Gentilly) (2014) - Architect: Valode et PistreBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Tour D2 (La Défense) (2014) – Commercial property – Architect: Anthony Béchu and Tom SheehanBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
PPP: French Ministry of Defence, Balard, Paris - ongoing (2011-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
PPP: Paris law courts — (2013-2017)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Bordeaux municipal authority complex — ongoing (2012-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Renovation of the Ritz hotel — ongoingBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Upgrade to environmental standards of a 104-km section of the A63 motorway in south-west France (2011- 2014)Colas (subsidiary)
Renovation and maintenance of 17 km of roads and public lighting in Plessis-Robinson (2011-2013)Colas (subsidiary)
Green Office® Nanterre First positive-energy area in Strasbourg - Architect: Jean-Claude Di FioreBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Hikari (Lyon Confluence) (2014) — A positive energy mixed use area located at Lyon Confluence, made up of 3 distinct areas comprising homes, shops, offices and penthouses, close to the marina and city centre — Architect: Kengo KumaBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Green Office® Meudon (2011), The first large-scale positive-energy office building in France.Architect: Atelier 115Bouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Farman (Paris) (2011) - Architect: Jean-Michel WilmotteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Sainte-Croix-Neuilly (Paris) (2014) — Future head office of The Clarins Group, NF Bâtiment tertiaire — HQE® High Environmental Quality — Architect: Valode et PistreBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Green Office® (Châtenay-Malabry) (2014) — Architect: Brenac & GonzalezBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
L'Ilôt Vert (Grenoble) — Bouygues Immobilier (2011) A BBC low-energy apartment block in the first eco-neighbourhood in which all the buildings have BBC low-energy certification - Architect: Philippe MeunierBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Vert Eden (Aix-en-Provence) (2012) — A positive energy housing development — Architect: AT2A Société d'Architectes Bernard LEONETTIBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
La Banque Postale (Paris), Rehagreen® (2011) — Architect: Chaix & Morel et AssociésBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
PPP: Stade Vélodrome PPP, Marseille - ongoing (2011-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
EOS, Microsoft's HQE-certified headquarters (Issy-les-Moulineaux) – (2009) Architect: Arquitectonica and Bridot WillervalBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Fort d'Issy (Issy-les-Moulineaux) – Bouygues Immobilier (2013) – A residential programme in a 12-hectare eco-neighbourhood – Architects: Wilmotte & Associés, Architecture Studio, 2A Architecte (Christophe Cheney), Guerin&PedrozaBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
L'Avance (Montreuil) — Bouygues Immobilier (2012) — A positive-energy housing development — Architect: Muriel GermakBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Galiléo, CGG Veritas' HQE-certified headquarters (Massy) (2010) — Architect: Cabinet Bridot WillervalBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Spring Bouygues Immobilier (project) Architect: Jean-Claude Di FioreBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Liquified natural gas storage tanks, Dunkirk — (2012-2015)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Paris philharmonic hall - ongoing (2011-2014)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Beaugrenelle shopping centre, Paris — ongoing (2011-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Le Millénaire shopping centre, Aubervilliers — (2008-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Tour First – La Défense – (2007-2011)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Green Office® Meudon (2011) – The first large-scale positive-energy office building in France. With its 23,300 m2 , it produces more renewable energy than it consumes thanks to a photovoltaic power plant comprising 4,200 m2 of solar panels that generate annual production of 450,000 kW/h and to a cogeneration boiler fuelled by vegetable oil producing heat and electricity simultaneously – Architect: Atelier 115Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Eco-neighbourhood Ginko La Berge du Lac (Bordeaux) - ongoing – Architects: Olivier Brochet, Emmanuel Lajus, Christine Pueyo, Christian Devillers, Rousselle Laisné ArchitectesBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Reims tramway (PPP) - Colas & Bouygues Construction - concessionColas (subsidiary)
Angers tramway - ColasColas (subsidiary)
PPP: University of Paris Sorbonne IV Clignancourt centre – ongoing (2009-2013)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Sequana, Bouygues Telecom's new HQE tower (Issy-les-Moulineaux) (2010) – Architect: ArquitectonicaBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Tour Oxygène (Lyon) — Bouygues Construction – (2007-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Seine-Ouest (Issy-les-Moulineaux) (2010) – Architects: Christian de Portzamparc, Bridot-Willerval, J.M. Wilmotte and ArquitectonicaBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Pierre Oudot Hospital Complex (Bourgoin-Jallieu University Hospital) — Bouygues Construction — (2007-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Orange les Vignes retail park - ZAC Porte Sud (Orange) (March 2010) - Architect: Cabinet Outsign ArchitectureBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Shangri-La Hotel (Paris 16) – Bouygues Construction (2007-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Women's, Children's and Haematology Unit at Caen University Hospital – Caen – Bouygues Construction – (2007-2010)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Restoration of the Hôtel de la Marine (Place de la Concorde, in Paris) — Bouygues Construction (2006-2009)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resurfacing of the runway at Beauvais Airport - ColasColas (subsidiary)
Galeo (Issy-les-Moulineaux) (2009) – Head office of Bouygues Immobilier – Architect: Christian de PortzamparcBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
A41 motorway (Annecy-Geneva) — Bouygues Construction & Colas (2005-2008)Colas (subsidiary)
Development of the 2 Caps tourist site on the Pas-de-Calais coast using Vegecol asphalt — ColasBouygues (Group)
Roofing and facade of the Zenith concert hall in Saint-Etienne — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Thonon-les-Bains bypassColas (subsidiary)
Trianum, Head office of Schneider Electric (Rueil-Malmaison) (2008) – Architect : Jean-Michel WilmotteBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Spazio (Nanterre) (2008) — Architect: Jean-Claude DI FIOREBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Couesnon Dam - Bouygues Construction (2006-2008)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Sixth Sense building (Lyon) (2007) – Architect: Patrick MitonBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Resurfacing work on A86 motorway — ColasBouygues (Group)
23 km of safety barriers installed on the A29 motorway — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Tramway packages in Marseille — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Tramway packages in Le Mans — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Partial dismantling of terminal 2E at Roissy-CDG airport — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Roadmarking worksite using Ostréa product (Morbihan) for APRR — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Tour Exaltis (Courbevoie) (2006) – Architects: Arquitectonica, Bridot-WillervalBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
32 Hoche, Bouygues group headquarters (Paris) — Bouygues Construction (2003-2006)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resurfacing work on A5 motorway — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Tramway packages in Paris — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Tramway packages in Clermont-Ferrand — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Construction of the Bresse motor-racing circuit — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Tramway packages in Paris — Colas (ongoing)Colas (subsidiary)
Construction of several packages for the eastern France high-speed train line — Bouygues Construction & ColasColas (subsidiary)
A28 motorway (Rouen-Alençon) — Bouygues Construction & Colas (2003-2005)Colas (subsidiary)
Musée du Quai Branly, museum of the arts and civilisations of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas (Paris) — Bouygues Construction (2002-2005)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
96 boulevard Haussmann (Paris) (2005) – Architect: Jean-Jacques OryBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Le Monde headquarters (Paris) (2004) — Architect: Christian de PortzamparcBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of the East Angoulême bypass – ColasColas (subsidiary)
Grand Hôtel Intercontinental (Paris) — Bouygues Construction (2001-2003)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Head office of IPSOS (Gentilly) – Bouygues Immobilier (2003) – Architect: Henri GaudinBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)
Flamanville 3 nuclear plant (civil engineering) — Bouygues Construction (ongoing project)Bouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Resurfacing work on A71 motorway — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Airport worksite  (Strasbourg) — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Renovation of the Bugatti circuit (Le Mans) — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Dourges platform — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Waterproofing work at the Musée des Arts Premiers museum (Paris) — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Laying of 6 pipelines between the La Mède refinery and Lavéra — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Construction of a gas compression station at Cuvilly — ColasColas (subsidiary)
Street lighting in Boulogne-Billancourt and Sèvres (Paris region) — Bouygues ConstructionBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Street lighting in Lille — Bouygues ConstructionBouygues Construction (subsidiary)
Construction of a 10-km section of the A75 motorway – ColasColas (subsidiary)
L'Héméra (Toulouse) - (2013) - Architect: Hervé SaintisBouygues Immobilier (subsidiary)

(Updated: February 2014)