Becoming a shareholder

The Bouygues share is listed on the Paris stock market (ISIN code: FR0000120503).

Investors wishing to buy Bouygues shares should transmit their buy orders to their financial intermediary directly.

Bouygues shares may be held in three distinct forms:

Bearer shares

The shares are deposited with a financial intermediary. Bouygues does not know who the shareholder is except if an “identifiable bearer security” survey is carried out.
They are traded on the stock market in this form.

Pure registered shares

The shares are deposited with Bouygues. The shareholder has a securities account with Bouygues. Shareholders wishing to change their shares from bearer to pure registered form should apply to their financial intermediary (stating that Bouygues is a member of Euroclear France as an issuer under No. 791).

Administered registered shares

The shares are deposited with a financial intermediary. Bouygues knows who the shareholder is and opens a securities account in his or her name, but all business concerning the shares is transacted through the shareholder’s financial intermediary.

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(Updated: January 2016)

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Investor contact

Tel. : +33 1 44 20 10 79


Individual shareholders contact

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0 805 120 007

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Bouygues Shares Factsheet


Euronext Paris

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ISIN code: FR0000120503

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Bloomberg: EN:FP

Reuters: BOUY.PA