Share purchase tender offer

Disclaimer to the attention of visitors of the website located outside of france

The following pages include information and documents pertaining to the share buyback offer to be made by Bouygues on its own shares (the "Offer").
The Offer is made to Bouygues shareholders located in France and outside France, to the extent that applicable local laws do not prevent or prohibit them from participating to the Offer without additional formalities from Bouygues.
All persons who wish to access the information and documents contained hereafter should first ensure that no law or regulation applicable in their country of residence prohibits or restricts their right to access such information and documents, or, more generally, to participate to the Offer.
The information and documents contained hereafter are not intended to, and may not be accessed by, or distributed or disseminated to, persons resident or physically present in the United States of America, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, or more generally in any jurisdiction where it would be unlawful to make available such information or documents.
Bouygues shall in no circumstances be responsible in case of a violation of applicable laws and regulations by any person, nor as a consequence of the use that could be made of the information or documents contained in the following pages and the possible consequences of such use, in particular with respect to decisions made or actions taken on the basis thereof. In this respect, (i) you expressly agree to access the information and documents thereafter with full knowledge of the foregoing, and (ii) you shall remain solely responsible for the use of such information and documents and of the consequences thereof -.
"I have read and understood the above and expressly agree to comply with all of the restrictions mentioned on this webpage:"


(Updated: January 2016)