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Extreme constraints
2 min
Bouygues Telecom
The customer is king
2 min
Bouygues Immobilier
Riding high
2 min
Bouygues Group
The Circular economy: Building for the future
The circular economy aims to produce zero waste in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials extracted from the environment.
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Bouygues Construction
"Sports and the Group share common values"
Find out more about the Bouygues group through portraits of its employees and interviews with them. Episode 3: Valérie Barlois Leroux, Sales director ...
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Bouygues Group
Bouygues’ digital transformation is on track
In mid-November, the Bouygues group organised a Digital Transformation Day with all of its subsidiaries and partners.
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Bouygues Group
Pollutec 2016: Our solutions for a sustainable and desirable urban environment
The Group is working for the sustainable city and is showcasing its solutions at the Pollutec 2016 event in Lyon between 29 November and 2 December 20 ...
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Fair winds and following seas
Find out more about the Bouygues group through portraits of its employees and interviews with them. Episode 2: Émeric Michel, Deputy operations manag ...
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Bouygues Group
COP 22: inventing tomorrow's world
The Bouygues group is taking part in COP 22 in Marrakesh between 7 and 18 November and is presenting its sustainable construction innovations there.
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Bouygues Group
The new corporate website is more than just a communication tool. We have revamped it to offer a new experience with a simplified menu, access to key ...
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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of holding shares in registered form?


As shareholders' identities are known, the company can send them information or notices of meeting directly.
They can attend shareholders' meetings with no special formalities. Shareholders who hold Bouygues shares in registered form for more than two years have double voting rights.


To be sold, Bouygues shares must be in bearer form. Any sale of registered shares therefore requires that they first be converted into bearer shares and transferred to a financial intermediary.
Shareholders holding pure registered shares will receive as many statements and tax certificates as securities they own. The large number of documents thus accumulated can be inconvenient when completing tax returns.


2. How can I convert Bouygues shares into pure registered form? Which intermediary holds Bouygues registered share accounts?

To convert Bouygues shares into pure registered form, the shareholder must transmit a request to the financial intermediary with whom the shares are deposited. When Bouygues receives the shares, it sends the shareholder notification and an account activation form.
Bouygues holds registered share accounts directly and is a member of Euroclear France as an issuer under No. 791.

3. Can Bouygues shares held in a PEA (French equity savings plan) be converted to pure registered form?

Managing pure registered share accounts within a PEA is complex and restrictive for both Bouygues, as depositary of the shares, and the financial intermediaries that hold the PEA securities and cash accounts. It is therefore Bouygues' policy not to open such accounts.
Shareholders wishing to register their Bouygues shares already held in a PEA must choose the administered registered form.

4. Can I buy Bouygues shares or sell those already held in pure registered form by applying directly to Bouygues?

Bouygues has made it a general rule not to have any involvement in trades on behalf of its shareholders. Shareholders wishing to buy or sell Bouygues shares should therefore apply to the financial intermediary of their choice.

Before selling all or some of their Bouygues shares held in pure registered form, shareholders should send Bouygues a letter asking for them to be converted into bearer form with the financial intermediary of their choice, together with their bank account details (no charge is made for converting shares from registered into bearer form). Shareholders then transmit orders directly to their financial intermediary.

5. How can I attend Bouygues general meetings of shareholders?

All Bouygues shareholders are entitled to attend general meetings of shareholders, regardless of the number of shares they own.

To see the arrangements for participating in general meetings, go to this page:


6. How can I contact the registered share service?

By telephone: 0 805 120 007 (toll free from France only)
By e-mail:

7. How can I obtain the minutes of the General meetings of shareholders?

The minutes and slides of each shareholders' meeting are available on our website. Click here to download them.

8. How can I obtain the Registration Document?

All Bouygues Registration Documents and Annual Reports since 2001 are available on our website. You can either download them or order them by clicking here. You will then receive them by email.

9. How can I contact the Bouygues group to obtain financial information?

For all financial information, please contact the investor relations team on +33 1 44 20 12 77 or by e-mail:

10. How can I find out who is in the senior management team and who is on the Board of Directors?

Click here to see the list of senior executives and here for the Board of Directors.

11. How can I stay informed about Bouygues' financial results?

All the information regarding the Group's financial results is available on the website:

  • Calendar
  • Press releases
  • Results presentations
  • Key figures
12. How can I find out when financial press releases are issued?

A calendar is available on the website. It includes the dates and times at which financial press releases are issued. Click here to access the press releases.

13. Which indices is Bouygues listed on?

Bouygues is included in the CAC 40 index. It is listed on Euronext Paris, Compartment A , eligible for deferred settlement (SRD).

14. What is Bouygues' Sicovam code?

ISIN Code FR000012050

(Updated: 28 September 2016)
About Bouygues

Founded by Francis Bouygues in 1952, Bouygues is a diversified industrial group with a strong corporate culture. Its businesses focus on three sectors: construction, with Bouygues Construction (building, civil works, energy and services), Bouygues Immobilier (property) and Colas (roads), telecoms with Bouygues Telecom and media with TF1.

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