2 min
Bouygues Construction
"Sports and the Group share common values"
Find out more about the Bouygues group through portraits of its employees and interviews with them. Episode 3: Valérie Barlois Leroux, Sales…
4 min
Bouygues Group
Bouygues’ digital transformation is on track
In mid-November, the Bouygues group organised a Digital Transformation Day with all of its subsidiaries and partners.
2 min
Bouygues Group
Pollutec 2016: Our solutions for a sustainable and desirable urban environment
The Group is working for the sustainable city and is showcasing its solutions at the Pollutec 2016 event in Lyon between 29 November and 2 December 20 ...
2 min
Fair winds and following seas
Find out more about the Bouygues group through portraits of its employees and interviews with them. Episode 2: Émeric Michel, Deputy operations manag ...
2 min
Bouygues Group
COP 22: inventing tomorrow's world
The Bouygues group is taking part in COP 22 in Marrakesh between 7 and 18 November and is presenting its sustainable construction innovations there.
2 min
Bouygues Group
The new corporate website is more than just a communication tool. We have revamped it to offer a new experience with a simplified menu, access to…
3 min
Groupe TF1
The rules of the game
The success of Chrono Bomb’ and Trésor Detector has helped TF1 Games-Dujardin, a TF1 subsidiary, become a recognised player in the board games busi ...
In pictures
1 min
Bouygues Construction
A new seat of justice
PARIS. In the northwest corner of the capital, Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France is carrying out its largest project, the future Paris Law Courts. An a ...
2 min
Bouygues Telecom
Find out more about the Bouygues group through portraits of its employees and interviews with them. Episode 1: Benjamin Lang and his double life as te ...
2 min
Bouygues Telecom
The genie of connected objects
Objenious is a new company created by Bouygues Telecom to strengthen its position in the Internet of Things. Several customers are already using its s ...
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Portraits of Martin Bouygues
By order of appearance:

HomePage : The New coastal road on Reunion Island, France (2014-2016)

Photographers © Sébastien Marchal ; Julien Cresp

Photographers © Jean-Christophe Marmara; Alain Robert/Aperçu Presse; Cyril Abad; Romain Gaillard/REA;

Transfer of leadership from Francis Bouygues to Martin Bouygues (09/1989) -All Rights Reserved © Bouygues group

Bouygues’ head office on Avenue Hoche – Paris – France (2006)
32 Hoche (letters on the façade) Photographer © A. Février; 32 Hoche (façade) Photographer © R. De Montfaucon/Architect: Kevin Roche; 32 Hoche (Board room) © Cabinet Wilmotte

Group history (1952-2016)

1952 – The first EFB worksites (1950s) © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1963 – The first edition of “Le Minorange” magazine © Bouygues group Corporate Communications department; 1965 – The Clamart II head office © Bouygues group photo libraries/Architect: Jean de Mailly; 1965 – STIM – Show apartment, Paris France © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1970 – Stock market flotation © Bouygues SA; 1972 – Parc des Princes © Bouygues Construction photo library/Architect: Roger Taillibert; 1974 – Bouygues Offshore, platform © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1975 – Expatriation to Shiraz © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1978 – Maison Bouygues © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1984 – Riyadh university in Saudi Arabia under construction © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1986 – The Channel Tunnel © Augusto Da Silva/Graphix Images; 1987 – Acquisition of TF1 © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1988 – The Challenger head office © Philippe Guignard/Architect: Kevin Roche; 1989 – Transfer of leadership FB-MB © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1990 – Ciby2000, film posters © Bouygues group photo libraries; 1999 – FB entrepreneur of the century © Sygma/Bouygues group photo libraries; 2006 – 32 avenue Hoche © Arnaud Février/Architects: Kevin Roche; Cabinet Wilmotte; 2010 – The Sports Hub © P. Guignard/Architects: Arup Group; DP Architects; 2011 – The Balard building © Laurent Zylberman/Architects: Agence Nicolas Michelin et Associés (ANMA); Jean-Michel Wilmotte; Ateliers 234; 2012 – The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge © Dragages Honk Kong; 2013 – The City of Music © Laurent Blossier/Architects: Shigeru Ban Architects Europe and Jean de Gastines Architectes; 2014 – Bouygues Telecom 4G © Cyril Abad; 2015 – The COP21 conference © Lionel Samain; 2016 – Objenious logo © Bouygues Telecom

Francis Bouygues and his senior management team with René Augereau, walking (1968)
All Rights Reserved © Bouygues group

AGM at Challenger – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (2009)
Photographer © L'Oeil du Diaph (A.Pérus-M.Marigault)

Members of the Board of Directors-Governance (2016)
By order of appearance:
Photographers © Isabelle Franciosa; Emmanuel Fradin; Stéphane Lavoué; All Rights Reserved
Martin Bouygues meeting students – Spot Bouygues – Epitech (2015)
Photographer © Arnaud Février
The Francis Bouygues Foundation – 10th birthday (2015)
Photographer © Arnaud Février
The Francis Bouygues Foundation – Welcoming ceremony for the 11th intake (2016)
Mentors with their grant-holders at the welcoming ceremony
Photographer © L. Zylberman
The Francis Bouygues Foundation – 11th intake (2016)

By order of appearance:
Audrey Marianne, 8th intake, 5th year at ESAIL (the Lyon school of Interior Design) – Ludovic Craïssac, former grant-holder who became a mentor – Pierre Poix, Bouygues Construction – Guillaume Braye, 7th intake, 5th year of medicine, Lille (59 © Bouygues SA/FFB

Bouygues Construction


Renovation of Challenger, head office of Bouygues Construction – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines – France (2010-2014)
Photographer © Philippe Guignard – Air Images/Architects: Kevin Roche, SRA Architectes

Challenger, head office of Bouygues Construction – Bureau Fertile 2.0 (2016)
© Bouygues Construction/CD

Solar farm – Renovation of Challenger – Head office of Bouygues Construction (2014)
Photographer © Philippe Guignard – Air Images/Architect: SRA Architecte

The Russian Orthodox spiritual and cultural centre, CSCOR – Paris – France (2014-2016)
Photographer © Laurent Zylberman/Architects: Wilmotte & Associés Architectes

The future Paris law courts building – France (2014-2017)
Photographers © Laurent Blossier; Nicolas Guérin (portraits)/Architect: Renzo Piano

NFM tunnel boring machine – Line 14 extension (RATP, Package 02) – Paris – France (2014-2018)
Subsidiary: Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France
Photographer © Yves Chanoit



The MahaNakhon tower – Bangkok – Thailand (2011-2016)
Subsidiary: Bouygues Thai Ltd
Photographer © PACE/Architect: Ole Sheeren (OMA)

City of Dreams complex – Macao – China (2013-2017)
Views © Dragages Macau/Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge – China (2009-2018)
Subsidiary: Dragages Hong Kong/VSL

By order of appearance:

Photographers © Derek M Allan; Sidney Studio/Designer: Agence Alain Spielmann Architecte

The Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link worksite (TM-CLKL) – Hong Kong – China (2011-2018)
Subsidiary: Dragages Hong Kong
Photographer © Cyril Abad

Metro extension – Shatin to Central Link (SCL) – Hong Kong – China (2014-2020)
Subsidiary: Dragages Hong Kong and Bouygues Travaux Publics
All Rights Reserved © Bouygues Construction


Solar farm – Negros island – Philippines
All Rights Reserved ©Bouygues Energies & Services


3rd International Programme – Bouygues Construction – Challenger (6 February 2016)
Photographer © Augusto Da Silva/Graphix-images


Bouygues Immobilier


The Flexom app
Photographer © Jimmy Mettier

Home – Paris 13th arrondissement – France (2015)
Photographer © Takuji Shimmura/Architects: Hamonic – Masson & Associés, Comte Vollenweider

Fort d'Issy – eco-neighbourhood – Issy-les-Moulineaux – France (2013-2015)
Photographer © Pierre Perrin/Architects: Wilmotte & Associés (Ô Paris), Cabinet Guérin & Pedroza Architectes (Or’ Natura and bastion B), Architecture Studio (Le Belvédère and La Villa), Atelier 2A (Le Visio)

Font pré – eco-neighbourhood – Toulon – France (2016)
View © Asylum/Architect: Malot & Associés

Green Home, a positive-energy development – Nanterre – France (2016)
Panorama of la Grande Arche © Synesis/Picture © Éric Avenel; Architects © Agence AZC (Atelier Zundel et Cristea – Grégoire Zundel)

Green Office® Enjoy – Paris 17th arrondissement – France (2016-2018)
Photographer © All Rights Reserved/Bouygues Immobilier/Architects: Baumschlager Eberle and Scape

Timber-frame house – Luminature – Bétheny – France (2014-2016)
Photographer © All Rights Reserved/Bouygues Immobilier/Architect © Humbert Di Legge/Cabinet Borderioux – Di Legge

Nextdoor – Collaborative workspace – Issy-les-Moulineaux – France (2015)

By order of appearance:

Employees; Arthur Juin and Jean de Guerre, co-founders of “Nos Grands-Mères ont du talent”; Roseline Desgroux, coach; Aurélie Dailloux, administrative executive
Photographer © Laurent Zylberman




Improvement of the RD 1206 road – Machilly – Haute-Savoie – France (2014)
Subsidiary: Perrier TP, Colas Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, Aximum
Photographer © Colas – Christian Pedrotti


Rehabilitation of the RN1 road – Djibouti – Republic of Djibouti (2009)
Subsidiary: Colas Djibouti
Photographer © Colas – Emmanuel Martin/Blacksight Productions

M6-M60 motorway between Szekszard and Pécs – Hungary (2010)
Subsidiary: Alterra Kft, Colas Epitö Zrt, Colas Eszakkö
Photographer © Colas – Balint Porneczi

Condobolin Road – Zoe Estent, an employee of Tropic Asphalts – Australia (2016)
Subsidiary: Colas Australia/tropic Asphalts
Photographer © Grant Turner

Concessions, PPP and PFI contracts

A63 motorway concession (a view of the toll station) – Salles – Saint-Geours-de-Maremme – France (2011-2014)
Subsidiary: Atlandes
Photographer © Colas – Balloïde Photo 64

Construction of the Nîmes-Montpellier railway bypass (CNM) – France (2015-2016)
Subsidiary: Colas Rail
All Rights Reserved© Colas

The New coastal road on Reunion Island, France (2014-2016)
Subsidiary: GTOI
Photographer © Julien Cresp


Complementary activities


The Wattway solar road – Magny-Les-Hameaux – France (2015)
Photographer © Colas – Joachim Bertrand

The first site where the Wattway solar road was installed – Vendespace in Mouilleron-le-Captif, France (2016)
Photographer © Colas – Joachim Bertrand

Construction of the building envelope for the "Musée des Confluences" museum – Lyon – France (2011-2015)
Subsidiary: Smac
Photographer © Colas – Jean-François Chapuis

Colas exoskeleton (2014)
Subsidiary: Colas Genève – Switzerland
Photographer © José Campos – Swissmovie



Kemaman refinery – Malaysia (2008)
Photographer © Colas – Ian Buswell

Quarry-Gravel pit – Someca – Var – France (2010)
Subsidiary: Colas Midi-Méditerranée
Photographer © Colas – Hervé Fabre



TF1, head office (2016)
Photographer © Laurence Bourdouleix/Architect: Roger Saubot

Anne-Claire Coudray, news presenter for the 8pm bulletin on TF1 (2016)
Photographer © Nicolas Gouthier

Christophe Beaugrand, Sandrine Quetier and Denis Brogniart – TF1 presenters and hosts (2016)
All Rights Reserved © TF1

Koh Lanta: l'Ile au trésor – Denis Brogniart and the contestants (2016)
Photographer © A. Issock/Starface/Alp/TF1

Sept à huit – studio, Harry Roselmack (2015)
Photographer © Julien Cauvin

The Voice 5 – studio (2015)
Photographer © Yann Dejardin/Shine/TF1/Bureau233

Reportages – studio logo (2015)
All Rights Reserved © TF1

Les Restos du cœur (2016)
All Rights Reserved © TF1

Multimedia screens (2016)
All Rights Reserved
 © TF1

The City of Music – Boulogne Billancourt – France (2014-2017)
Subsidiaries: Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France/TF1, partner of “La Seine Musicale” – TF1 Musique
View © Architects: Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines

Diversification TF1 Games-Dujardin (2016)
Photographer © Lucile Boiron

Diversification TF1 Games-Dujardin (2016)
Images of Chrono Bomb – Money Drop – Le Cochon qui Rit – Tresor Detector
Photographer © All Rights Reserved/TF1 Games-Dujardin


Bouygues Telecom

Miami box (2014)
All Rights Reserved © Bouygues Telecom

Interface of the new Bbox Miami (2016)
All Rights Reserved © Bouygues Telecom group

Objenious logo – connected objects (2016)
All Rights Reserved © Bouygues Telecom

Head office

Technopole at Meudon – Bouygues Telecom – France (2015)
Photographer © Augusto Da Silva/Graphix-images/Architects: Cabinet Valode & Pistre

Club stores

Bouygues Telecom store at Vélizy II (2015)
Photographer © Mikael Lafontan



Bouygues Telecom celebrates its 20th birthday (2016)
All Rights Reserved © Bouygues Telecom



Rio tramway – Brazil (2016)
© Felipe Dana/AP Press


Publications and other projects delivered

 2015 At a Glance and 2015 Registration Document

On the cover: the MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok, Bouygues Construction (Photographer © F. Deguent/Architect: Ole Scheeren); The Hikari positive-energy development in Lyon, Bouygues Immobilier (Photographer © V. Bauza/Architects: Kengo Kuma and Associates); The Wattway solar road, Colas (Photographer © J. Bertrand); Audrey Crespo-Mara, a TF1 journalist (Photographer © F. Darmigny); A Bouygues Telecom store in Vélizy (Photographer © M. Lafontan)

Benjamin Lang, water colour, portrait (2016)
Bouygues SA – Excerpt from Le Minorange magazine – Dual careers
Illustrator © Titwane

Employees in a meeting (2016)
Bouygues SA – Excerpt from Le Minorange magazine – Viewpoints
Photographer © Cyril Abad

Site workers holding hands (2015)
Bouygues construction – Excerpt from the 2015 Annual Report
Photographer © Aloafred

Employees – Sabrina Mhamdi and Xavier Bodeau (2016)
Bouygues Immobilier – Excerpt from the BIM magazine
Photographer © Tristan Paviot



Réunion 3 personnes fenêtres_88492132
Photographer © Pressmaster/Shutterstock

Réunion financière autour d'une table_264122435
Photographer © Dragon Images/Shutterstock

Salle de conférence – gens de dos_103219153
Photographer © Thaut Images/Fotolia

Essentiel investisseur / documents rapport annuel bleu_146238254
Photographer © maxuser/Shutterstock

Graphique 3 segments sur vitre_84714940
Photographer © suphakit73/Shutterstock

Pile de journaux__228518533
Photographer © fivepointsix/Shutterstock

A selection of magazines and internal publications
Photographer © All Rights Reserved/Bouygues SA

A handshake between architect and investor
Photographer © Fotolia/alotofpeople

Poignée de main zoomée / personnes en arrière plan_263448785
Photographer © Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

Entretien d’embauche_322562930
Photographer © e.eu/Shutterstock

Laboratoire de recherche_142053856
Photographer © angellodeco

Personnel infirmier_151335629
Photographer © michaeljung

Personnes autour d’un bloc de pierre_280063292
Photographer © jamesteohart



Poster and logo for the 2016 Pollutec trade fair
All Rights Reserved © www.pollutec.com

(Updated: 17 January 2017)