Waste management within the Group in 2013

Waste management within the Group in 2012


  1. Recycling bitumen and aggregates:
    10 million tonnes of materials processed
  2. Reclaiming of bitumen and aggregates from used pavement:
    240,000 tonnes of bitumen reclaimed
    5 million tonnes of aggregates reclaimed
  3. In-place recycling of pavement :
    10.4 million m2 from in-place recycling in 2012

Results: A reduction in energy use and savings equivalent to 30 quarries

Mobile handsets

  1. Collection
    A new lease of life for mobile handsets: Collection and recycling of pre-owned mobile handsets in stores or on the internet
  2. Sorting
    Mobile handset testing: Personal data deletion
    Not working
  3. Reutilisation:
    Recycled: 143,000 mobile handsets recycled in 2012
    Repackaged and sold in pre-owned mobile handset stores : 28,000 handsets re-used since 2009

Results: 96% re-use rate Recycling of plastics and extraction of precious materials

Waste electrical and electronic equipment

  1. Collection
    Collection of hardware (CPU cabinets, screens, printers, IT servers, etc.):
    65% of hardware re-used
  2. Sorting
    Test of hardware
    Not working
  3. Reutilisation:
    Sold on the second-hand market as spare parts

Results: The production of hazardous waste is avoided. Natural resources are saved

(Updated: January 2016)