Improving building performance

Bouygues has acquired expertise in low-energy new-build projects both in France and on international markets, acknowledged by the award of environmental certification. In France, Bouygues goes further than statutory requirements by building positive-energy buildings which produce more energy from renewable sources than they consume over a year.

  • Positive energy

Bouygues Immobilier’s Green Office® positive-energy office buildings show that it is possible to combine high-level energy performance guaranteed by contract with an optimal perception of comfort. The Green Office® business model, based on slightly higher rents offset by significantly lower charges, favours investors and users alike. It has enabled Bouygues Immobilier to expand on a deeply troubled commercial property market.

  • Thermal renovation

Thermal renovation is a market with high growth potential. In France, 4 million homes out of 33 million have poor energy efficiency and 55% of existing housing was built before thermal regulations existed. Bouygues has therefore developed a comprehensive energy-efficiency rehabilitation service for all types of building. In order to demonstrate its commitment, Bouygues Construction embarked on the renovation of Challenger, its headquarters, while the building continued to be in use. Before the end of 2014, the 65,000-m² complex will be positive-energy, equipped with cutting-edge technology for renewable energy production (geothermal, solar photovoltaic and thermal), water treatment and biodiversity preservation. In 2013, Challenger had already been awarded the highest levels of US, UK and French certification (LEED®, BREEAM® and HQE®) for the work already completed, a first anywhere in the world.

(Updated: January 2016)