Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is one of the responses to the environmental challenges of the 21st century. All over the world, pressure on eco-systems is increasing in order to find the necessary mineral resources for building. The production of construction materials and the energy used to operate buildings are responsible for a quarter of the world’s CO2 emissions. In Europe, 190 million homes need thermal renovation in order to meet the energy-saving targets set by the European Union. In order to meet these challenges, the Bouygues group’s construction businesses
provide practical answers at the level of both individual buildings and entire neighbourhoods.

Improving building performance


Eco-neighbourhood development

A day in sustainable cities: Bouygues' vision of sustainable urban environments

Making cities more sustainable also means making them more pleasant places to live. Renovating infrastructure, making low-carbon buildings and eco-neighbourhoods, promoting soft mobility and offering new services is mainly about improving residents' well-being. Across the planet, people from the…

"New generation" buildings as imagined by Bouygues - English version

Bouygues invites you to take a look at the "new generation" buildings. Made with environmentally-friendly materials, these connected buildings also offer a whole range of innovative services. This short film shows a typical day in the life of a family, at home and at work, in these new buildings…

(Updated: June 2016)