Resources devoted to environmental risk prevention and pollution control

Bouygues Construction

At Bouygues Construction, environmental risk prevention and pollution control is conducted in line with ISO 14001 certification and Bouygues Construction’s proprietary Ecosite scheme.

In this environmental management system, risks are subjected to prior analysis, which provides a basis for procedures by which units can address the environmental issues relating to their particular activity. Environmental officers ensure these procedures are implemented all the way down to worksite level. The Sustainable Construction skills centre at Bouygues Construction, in partnership with the CSTB, the French building technology research centre, has developed a life-cycle analysis application called Elodie®. The application gives teams an overview of all environmental impacts (upstream and downstream of worksites) arising from use of a product or process, ensuring that fuller consideration is given to the environmental issues.

Bouygues Immobilier

During the construction phase, Bouygues Immobilier applies environmental risk prevention to its operations through its clean worksite charter.

This is systematic for commercial property developments and is being phased in for residential programmes too. The procedure involves the appointment, before work begins and at the building contractor’s expense, of an environmental coordinator. Present throughout the project in order to limit environmental risks, the role of these coordinators is to gather, store and classify all environmental data required to ensure a low-impact worksite,  as well as to ensure compliance with measures in force. Each trade designates an environmental officer who is the coordinator’s contact person.

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom has produced a mapping of social and environmental risks, and this has been correlated with the company’s guide laying out its duties with regard to environmental risks.

It is updated annually based on an assessment of this guide’s application, taking into account new regulations. The company has introduced measures for managing electrical and electronic equipment, which includes mobile handsets and telecommunications equipment, and applies rules governing classified installations under environmental protection regulations.


Operating permits for classified installations generally include stringent environmental requirements, regardless of country (OECD or otherwise). ISO 14001, which enforces compliance in this area, gives Colas robust assurance that this is the case.

Compliance with administrative requirements is also incorporated into the checklists used by Colas. These requirements are taken into account on non-certified sites via an annual self-assessment procedure. Lastly, a system of cross-subsidiary audits, encompassing Belgium, mainland France and Switzerland, through which several sites are reviewed each year by internal auditors, is used to assess installations and reinforce prevention. An average of 100 sites (some 15% of sites in this zone) are audited every year.

(Updated: January 2016)