Local development

Bouygues group companies endeavour to forge links between their activities and the places where they operate. Local action and the use of local resources are the key to involvement in local communities.

The Bouygues group’s business activities have an impact on regional development through the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure and buildings, the expansion and operation of a telecommunications network and the broadcasting of television programmes.

By nature, the performance of these activities in a given place helps to develop and sustain employment. Group companies, whether in France or elsewhere, use local labour as a priority and encourage the development of local subcontractors.

In France, public procurement contracts often come with integration requirements. To apply these criteria as effectively as possible, so that people remain in employment for the long term, Bouygues Construction and Colas forge partnerships with local and national specialised organisations.

Bouygues Construction

“Contributing to local development” is one of the 12 commitments of "Actitudes", which is the name of the sustainable development policy of Bouygues Construction. Initiatives take two forms:

  • Getting people back into work in France 

Bouygues Construction is determined to make occupational integration a genuine policy in favour of employment, by instigating a virtuous cycle between occupational integration, personal achievement and lasting employment.

Bouygues Construction relies on a nationwide network of partners: Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE), the French Association of Diversity Managers (AFMD), l’Institut du service civique et l’Agence du service civique (the Civic Service Institute and the Civic Service Agency), le Service militaire adapté (SMA), l’Association française des entreprises privées (the French Federation of Private-Sector Companies) and the French Ministry of Urban Planning.

Bouygues Construction is 1 of 40 signatory companies to the Companies & Neighbourhoods charter, which encourages the development of local economies and employment. In addition, together the entities of Bouygues Construction carry out over 400 occupational integration initiatives annually, e.g. urban redevelopment in the Pays de France district of Reims (24,000 hours of occupational integration), the Nord Franche-Comté hospital (46,000 hours of occupational integration) and the Dunkirk LNG project (a comprehensive integration project).

  • Encouraging local employment abroad

Bouygues Construction contributes to developing the regions where its entities are located by encouraging:

- Access to the world of work: in Nigeria, the local subsidiary has forged partnerships with several universities and offers internships. Bouygues Construction also offers initial work experience to young people in the context of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Altogether, 53 students were picked by the company to take part in these two programmes.

- Raising awareness about construction professions: as part of International Women’s Day, Leadbitter (a British subsidiary of Bouygues Construction) held an event entitled “Women in construction” so that female students could find out about career opportunities on offer in the construction industry.

- Local recruitment: in Cuba, Bouygues Bâtiment International, which recruits 100% locally, has built a school in order to train its site workers. Over 150 employees have been trained there over the past five years.

- Training programmes: one of Bouygues Construction’s British subsidiaries, Denne, has set up a network of Skills and Employment Centres for the purpose of developing apprenticeships, training, locally sourced employment and schooling. Denne has opened five centres to date with a sixth one in the works.

 Integration is also a core commitment of the Bouygues Construction corporate foundation, Terre Plurielle.

Bouygues Immobilier

Bouygues Immobilier's 46 sites span the whole of France. This regional base puts the company at the heart of local economies, making local partnerships more effective and promoting local recruitment. Since 2010, the Bouygues Immobilier corporate foundation has supported the Médiaterre project run by Unis-Cité, a pioneer of voluntary community service in France, which aims to raise awareness of environmentally-responsible behaviour among residents of underprivileged neighbourhoods.

In 2013, Lyon was added to the list of cities in which Unis-Cité operates. In April 2013, Bouygues Immobilier was awarded the “Europe” award at the 2013 Mecenova awards ceremony, by IMSEntreprendre pour la Cité, for the support that it provides to this charity.

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom covers the whole of France with its six customer relations centres and its Club Bouygues Telecom store network. Furthermore, in 2008, Bouygues Telecom set up a co-development fund, Bouygues Telecom Initiatives (BTI), harnessing the impulse and creativity of new ICT start-ups.

With 400 project evaluated and 21 start-ups in incubation (8 of which have received equity financing), BTI has generated 150 jobs directly.


Colas aids employment and regional development through:a network of long-standing local operations where close ties with the customer are vital; its 61,000 employees, working in activities where jobs are local and cannot be relocated; the construction of road and rail infrastructure, which contributes to regional economic growth.In addition, Colas group takes many initiatives to promote employment and development in the regions where it operates.

  • In France, the partnership signed in 2012 with Adecco Insertion, a network with more than 60 temporary employment agencies that help the unemployed back into work continued. The agreement aims to help units fulfil employment requirements in public procurement contracts by supporting actions to identify, select and support those who qualify for this type of assistance while offering them proper integration pathways that will increase their chances of securing long-term employment.

An agreement was signed in September 2013, in relation to the “generation contract”. This contains measures promoting the long-term integration of young people, the recruitment of older workers and the transmission of knowledge and skills.

  • Internationally, many initiatives have been taken across the whole spectrum of Colas group companies.

In the southern hemisphere where it has had a long-standing presence, especially in Madagascar and Western and Central Africa, Colas operates health policies concentrating on AIDS, bowel infections and malaria, amongst others, encompassing employees, their families and local populations. One such initiative has been carried out jointly with the ILO for several years.    


Created in 2007, the TF1 corporate foundation, which focuses on diversity and helping young people find employment, recruits men and women aged between 18 and 30 living in underprivileged areas on the basis of a competitive process.

The candidates selected by a jury of professionals are offered a two-year apprenticeship contract at the TF1 group. Altogether, 62 have joined the TF1 corporate foundation to date, including 13 in 2013. The arrangement covers 20 different professions

(Updated: January 2016)


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