Quality of labour relations

Dialogue with labour reprensentatives

The Bouygues group promotes a respectful and constructive approach to labour relations for the benefit of staff. Resources available to trade unions, in addition to those allocated by each business area, were determined at Group level by a 2005 agreement. Employee representative bodies in the different business areas are supplemented by the Group Council in France, with 30 representatives from 400 works councils, and the European Works Council, with 24 representatives from 11 countries. As privileged forums for meetings between union representatives from across the whole spectrum and Group executives, they provide an opportunity for exchanges about the Group’s business and financial prospects and about developments relating to jobs, human resources policy, health and safety.

The interest of staff in the quality of these discussions between employees and management is reflected in the turnout for workplace elections in France (81% in 2013), which was much higher than the nationwide average (42.8% according to the France’s national council on labour dialogue). This gives employee representatives a high degree of legitimacy. At Group level, an HR labour relations committee acts as the custodian of the values laid down in the Bouygues Human Resources Charter. In France, occupational pension schemes within the business areas are managed jointly with trade unions.


At Colas in France, management-labour dialogue takes place within 356 local and central councils. Employee representative bodies at the roads subsidiaries were not modified in response to the new set-up of Colas’ roads activity in mainland France as of 1 January 2013.

The group’s representative bodies will be renewed in 2014. Aximum and Colas in Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana held elections in 2013 and adapted their employee representation structures to the new organisational set-up of their companies.


At TF1 group, 2013 was a key year in labour relations, with the renewal of employee representative bodies within 11 companies,

including TF1 SA. The five historic trade unions are represented within TF1 group.

(Updated: January 2016)


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