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Our people: respect, the key value of human relations

The core human resources values at Bouygues which determine the Group’s mindset are respect, trust and fairness. Working with these values every day is an essential part of its attractiveness as an employer.

The Group enables all staff to take on responsibility and rewards professional accomplishment with individual promotion. Since it works on a decentralised basis, responsibility is delegated to people on the ground because they are most familiar with their working environment. Employees are soon given responsibilities, proof of the trust placed in them.

Bouygues ensures that priority is given to promotion from within the firm and goes beyond its statutory obligations where training is concerned: Training programmes are provided to support employees’ career development. As a contributing factor to career development, internal job mobility is an important strand of Bouygues’ human resources policy.

Construction businesses, which involve working on different projects in different places, inevitably impose constraints on people’s workloads. Steps are taken to ensure that this does not adversely affect its employees’ personal lives.

The commitment to fairness is reflected in a desire to reward individual success, whatever the person’s profile or background. TF1 and Bouygues Telecom have both been awarded the Afnor Diversity label. More generally, all the business areas have introduced an anti-discrimination policy focusing on the issues of gender equality, age, disability and origin.

Respect for employees within the Bouygues group is reflected in its health and safety policy, especially on worksites.


(Updated: April 2013)