Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) AT Bouygues

CSR initiatives at Bouygues have the following aim: to reduce the company’s impacts on eco-systems, win wider public acceptance of the company’s activity, satisfy the expectations of stakeholders and improve its appeal.

Moreover, Bouygues is convinced that offering responsible solutions is an important avenue of growth for its business areas and, accordingly, is concerned that the business areas themselves all adopt a highly responsible attitude. In late 2013, Bouygues carried out a materiality assessment for identifying areas for action in the CSR domain. Bouygues, as a diversified industrial group, is concerned by such issues on many different levels. These are dealt with by each of its business areas. The purpose of this assessment was to obtain substantiated grading for the Group’s social impacts to ensure the appropriateness of policies and communication efforts with respect to stakeholders.

The Shift project

The Shift Project is on the issue of the thermal renovation of buildings.

The report is the result of a year's collaborative work between experts and industry professionals such as Nicolas Petit (Bati Renov/Brezillon). It has been sent to the secretariat of France's National Debate on Energy Transition.

A day in sustainable cities: Bouygues' vision of sustainable urban environments

Making cities more sustainable also means making them more pleasant places to live. Renovating infrastructure, making low-carbon buildings and eco-neighbourhoods, promoting soft mobility and offering new services is mainly about improving residents' well-being. Across the planet, people from the…

Bouygues and the city of the future

Waste management within the Group in 2013

  • In the roads activity, a reduction in energy use and savings equivalent to 33 quarries.
  • A 90% re-use rate for mobile handsets: plastics are recycled and precious materials are extracted.
  • The production of hazardous waste is avoided and natural resources are saved.

"New generation" buildings as imagined by Bouygues - English version

Bouygues invites you to take a look at the "new generation" buildings. Made with environmentally-friendly materials, these connected buildings also offer a whole range of innovative services. This short film shows a typical day in the life of a family, at home and at work, in these new buildings…