Stéphane Naville, Internal auditor Paris (8th arrondissement)(Bouygues SA)

“Job mobility is an opportunity for young employees!”

My path with the Group? After graduating as an engineer and a first job experience in consulting, I joined Bouygues Telecom as an internal auditor at the end of 2008. This enabled me to learn the ropes of auditing. After two years, I wanted to find out more about the other Group business areas and their issues.  I knew that Bouygues SA’s audit department was being reorganised, so that gave me the idea to join the team.

I started my new job in the audit department at Bouygues SA in early 2011. What I like about my job on a day-to-day basis is that we have a collaborative approach to our assignments — we always work in teams of two or four people.  We also have the unique opportunity to meet a great variety of people Group-wide. Although our assignments follow a very structured procedure, the subjects handled are never the same! That’s what makes the job so diversified.

I would say that although the corporate culture differs somewhat between Bouygues Telecom and Bouygues SA, the audit culture is the same Group-wide, which promotes dialogue across the audit function. Professionalism and a good atmosphere would sum up my job on a daily basis.

(Updated: January 2016)