Bouygues Management Institute

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Created in 1999, the Bouygues Management Institute (IMB) provides training and information to 500 senior executives from the Bouygues group. 

 It has three goals:

  • promote common values among senior executives from the Group’s various businesses;
  • broaden senior executives’ horizons and help them take stock of their management practices;
  • help them establish networks Group-wide.


The IMB offers several programmes:

IMB international cycle

The IMB international cycle, organised in conjunction with a major business (currently HEC), helps senior executives broaden their horizons and take stock of their management practices. Each year, 24 Bouygues managers do the 12-month international cycle, which includes a study trip to tap new ideas in business (to Japan in 2013).

The Bouygues Management Committee assigns the participants, divided into sub-groups, major issues to tackle, which give them the opportunity to demonstrate their interpersonal and professional skills when drafting reports and presenting recommendations.

  • Some 282 managers have taken part in the programme since its inception.

The Development of Bouygues Values seminar

The Development of Bouygues Values seminar regularly brings together a group of 16 senior executives over three days to inform them about the Group’s ethics policy. It is also an opportunity for Martin Bouygues to answer employees’ questions on the subject (Martin Bouygues also participates in the Respect & Management seminar and in the Responsibility seminar in complex structures). The seminar was first held in 2002. 

  • Since its creation, 675 senior executives from the Group have attended one of the 40 seminars.


The Respect & Performance and Respect & Management seminar

 The Respect & Performance seminar, launched in 2005, aims to raise managers’ awareness of respect for persons, a core Bouygues value. It seeks to develop a style of management conducive to exchange and teamwork. The two-day IMB seminar is rounded out by one-day training sessions dispensed by the business areas for all management staff.

  • Since its creation, more than 3,000 staff members have attended the seminar, including 420 senior executives.

To complement this, the Respect & Management seminar was created in 2011 for senior executives. Whilst previous seminars aimed to show managers that respect could only be earned by presenting an exemplary attitude, the goal of this new seminar is to demonstrate that it is equally important to create an organisational structure that fosters respect between colleagues.

The Responsibility seminar in complex structures

The Responsibility seminar in complex structures was created in 2010. The seminar enables managers to discuss solutions to be found in response to the increased difficulty of assuming all their responsibilities in structures where they are confronted with many different challenges and risks. Since these structures require the services of many different specialists, human relations are more complex and are no longer exclusively forged on hierarchical ties.

  • Since its creation, 102 senior executives have taken part in this seminar.

The IMB/sustainable development module “building the future”

The IMB/sustainable development module “building the future” was created in 2012. During the course of one day, a group of 12 to 15 managers learn about emerging business models (social business, open innovation, collaborative consumption, etc.) and take part in brainstorming sessions to imagine the impacts of these models on Bouygues’ businesses.

  • Since its creation, more than 88 senior managers have taken part in this module.

Bouygues group universities

In addition to the Bouygues Management Institute, training courses tailored to the individual careers of managers are developed by the Group’s subsidiaries. Each business has its own corporate university – Bouygues Construction University, the Colas Campus and the Bouygues Immobilier University.

To assist employees with potential for advancement within the Group, programmes have been developed that will help them.

  • become better known in the Group beyond their own sphere of activity and create a personal network,
  • share ideas and information, which will allow them to improve their individual and collective performance,
  • develop the management values necessary for career success at Bouygues.

(Updated: January 2016)