Our values

The Bouygues group’s growth is hinged on a strong culture that has always put people first.  Its founding principles include teamwork, the assumption of responsibility and respect.

Bouygues’ corporate culture is founded on the 11 following values:

  1. People are our greatest resource.
  2. Customers are the reason for the company’s existence and satisfying them is our only goal.
  3. Qualité is the key to competitiveness.
  4. Creativity enables us to offer our customers original, practical solutions at the best cost.
  5. Technical innovation, which improves the cost and efficiency of our products, underpins our success.
  6. Respect for oneself, for others and for the environment inspires our everyday behaviour.
  7. Promotion is based on individual merit.
  8. Training gives our people the means to extend their knowledge and enhance their professional life.
  9. Young people, and their potential, will forge the company’s future.
  10. Challenge drives progress. To stay a leader, we must act like a challenger.
  11. Attitude is more powerful than technical and economic strength alone.

(Updated: January 2016)

Group Code of ethics