Virtual visits of the 32 Hoche headquarters building

Designed and built ecologically, ’32 Hoche’ the headquarters building of the Bouygues group at 32 Avenue Hoche, is one of the first office buildings in Paris to have been awarded HQE® High Environmental Quality certification. Through the virtual visits below you can see this unique 7-storey building with a floor area of 7,600 m2.


Click on the image for a 360° visit (Quick Time Player required).


Auditorium Garden

Located in the basement of the ’32 Hoche’ building, the auditorium can seat up to 300 people. It is the venue for a wide variety of events such as in-house conventions, presentations of the Group’s results, or conferences.


The 450m2 garden illustrates the desire to take biodiversity into account. It can be seen from the street. A beehive and a composter have been installed, alongside a ‘living wall’ and Japanese karesansui dry landscaping. Alternative methods such as releasing ladybirds are used to curtail the use of gardening products.


Reception Restaurant

Behind the reception desk in the lobby can be seen a curved glass staircase made up of two vertical panels of triple-laminated glass whose inner sheet supports the treads. A load of one tonne has been placed on the stairs to test the strength of this exceptional structure. The lobby also features a ‘sail’, a 20-metre-high curved glass wall.



The staff restaurant seats 80 people. The see-through kitchen, bar, full service, garden outlook and plasma screens confer a warm and friendly atmosphere.


(Updated: January 2016)