Guillaume Lacire, engineer Magny-Les-Hameaux (Paris region)- (Colas R&D)

“Where professional opportunity goes with personal enrichment”

I joined Colas in February 2011 to work at the Campus for Science and Techniques. What is my current job? I have two main assignments: research in order to develop innovative materials treated with hydraulic binders (concrete, gravel, soil, mortar, etc.) and technical assistance to subsidiaries that produce and apply these materials, in order to solve problems or to carry out studies that can last for between one day and several months.

This position carries on from my previous one at Quille Construction in Rouen where I was a design engineer in concrete engineering for two and a half years. My main responsibilities were monitoring and following-up supplier innovations on the worksite, quality control and analysing concrete formulations in worksite concrete plants.

My experience of mobility summed up in a few words? It has enabled me to move geographically speaking, since I left Rouen, where I didn’t have any particularly strong roots, to go to the Paris region, which was an area I didn’t know. But that’s not all! My desire for a change was mainly driven by my wish to carry out assignments upstream of the production process and I was given this opportunity thanks to this internal job mobility.

In short, I would say mobility is a tailor-made service that can benefit all employees!

(Updated: January 2016)