Géraldine Vuaillat, Senior legal expert Boulogne (Paris region)(TF1 Publicité)

“Sometimes, several different jobs exist within the same profession, and mobility is a good way of trying them all out.”

I started my career as a legal expert at Bouygues Telecom in 2005. For almost a year, I advised the prepaid offers marketing and communications teams of both Bouygues Telecom and Universal Mobile.  I then joined the team in charge of the B2B market. There, I also helped the marketing and communications teams in charge of B2B offers as well as the sales teams in their negotiations with major groups who were tendering out their telephone/internet equipment supply contracts.

Three years later, I turned my attention to Bouygues Telecom’s RCBT subsidiary. My main task was to manage contractual relations with the independent distributors affiliated to the RCBT network. As a result, the marketing and communication aspect of my job became a lot smaller than before.

In 2011, I wanted to get to know a different sector to the telecoms sector. I therefore decided look at other opportunities within the Group by going on the Mobyclic site. I saw a position at TF1 that interested me and I joined the company on 1 July of that very same year. My line managers welcomed my desire to move within the Group and facilitated my change of job.

Now I work for TF1 Distribution, whose main activity is the commercialisation of TF1 group television channels such as TV Breizh, Histoire, Ushuaïa TV, LCI and even TF1. My main responsibility is to manage contractual relations with our distributors such as ISPs, mobile telephone operators and other players selling multi-channel packages.

This change has been very educational for me and gave me the chance to discover a new regulatory framework and legal issues. It’s been a very rich experience and has significantly enhanced my own personal skills set.

(Updated: January 2016)