The leading private media group in freeview television in France

The TF1 group occupies a unique position in French broadcasting, producing five complementary freeview channels (TF1, TMC, NT1, HD1 and the rolling news channel LCI) that together claimed an average 27.1% audience share in the first six months of 2016*.

The TF1 group constantly adapts its products to changing consumer behaviour and has consequently developed powerful digital versions of its content, including exclusive digital content and VOD offers to reach all viewer segments across all platforms. Synergies between TV and digital technologies effectively help to extend the reach of the brands broadcast on the group’s TV channels.


A strong advertising sales division

TF1’s advertising sales teams, which market the TF1 group’s audiences, offer advertisers unique exposure opportunities, combining the strong ratings of its TV channels with the advantages of personal digital media.

They also sell advertising space on the website, Indés Radios (local radio stations) and a number of other websites.


Pay-TV channels

The TF1 group also produces high-quality pay-TV theme channels – TV Breizh, Histoire, Ushuaïa and Serieclub – to meet viewer demand for specific content.


A group that produces audiovisual content

The TF1 group also produces and distributes audiovisual content. The main purpose of acquiring a majority stake in Newen Studios in the first half of 2016 was to step up the roll-out of production and distribution both in France and internationally. Consequently, the group now controls the entire content value chain from production upstream to distribution downstream.


Many diversification activities

The TF1 group has created a broad range of complementary activities such as home shopping, licences, board games, music production and live shows.


An innovative group with the resources to achieve its ambitions

As well as a capacity to adapt and innovate which enables it to respond effectively to structural and economic changes in the market and create the most favourable conditions for new developments, the group has a robust financial structure which gives it the means to finance its ambitions for growth and profitability.


A socially-responsible group

As a media group, TF1 is mindful of its responsibilities. Attentive to French society and its concerns, the group is strongly committed to gender equality, the fight against discrimination and the promotion of stronger ties within the community. TF1’s extra-financial performance is widely acknowledged: the group is the highest-rated French media group in the DJSI Europe and Global ranking and is included in the other main SRI indices.

*Source: Médiamétrie, individuals aged 4 and over

(Updated: August 2016)

TF1 in brief

TF1 is the leading private media group in freeview television in France. It produces four complementary freeview TV channels – TF1, TMC, NT1, and HD1 – that together claimed an average total audience share of 27.7% in 2015. LCI joined TF1 group’s freeview line-up in 2016.Credits: Produced…