TF1 shows its commitment to its audience by alerting viewers to the major issues of sustainable development, and to its employees through its CSR policy. TF1 is a family channel that provides programmes suitable for everyone, reflecting the diversity of its audience. It also supports and takes part in community initiatives and has pledged to reduce its environmental footprint.

Diversity Label

Since 2007, when the TF1 Corporate Foundation and the Disability Task Force were created, TF1 has been fostering diversity in house by focusing on four priority areas: gender equality, diversity of backgrounds, disability policy and older workers. The award of the Diversity label in 2010 confirmed that policy and procedures in this area comply with the Afnor certification’s exacting requirements. The latest Afnor audit in 2012 endorsed the achievements of TF1, the only media group to date to have obtained the Diversity label.


Corporate sponsorship

TF1 Publicité and the TF1 TV channel provide charitable organisations (Pièces Jaunes, Restos du Cœur, Sidaction, ELA and Association Laurette Fugain) with direct assistance and help them raise their profile through special prime-time operations. These include the production and free airing of advertising spots, donations of game-show winnings, and cash donations, managed by the Solidarity Committee.

The TF1 Corporate Foundation targets diversity and the occupational integration. Each year, the foundation recruits young people from underprivileged neighbourhoods. The candidates, which are selected by a jury of professionals, are offered a two-year apprenticeship contract at TF1, accompanied by training and individual mentoring.


(Updated: January 2016)

Diversity in the spotlight - TF1

In mid-December 2010, TF1 became the first ever media company in France to be awarded the Diversity label. This label, awarded by French standards agency Afnor Certification for a period of three years, recognises the procedures implemented by TF1 to prevent discrimination and promote gender…