A sustainable construction policy

Bouygues Construction, with the flagship rehabilitation of its Challenger headquarters building, and Bouygues Immobilier, with its Rehagreen® service , have staked out a position as key players in this sphere.

Bouygues Construction is also working on a building designed and built to be self-sufficient (Autonomous Building Concept, or ABC).
For both new and existing buildings, the company has developed Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs), energy management tools that may include contractual guarantees.

The Bouygues group is also developing eco-neighbourhood projects such as Ginko in Bordeaux and Hikari in Lyon, within the framework of Bouygues Immobilier’s UrbanEra® initiative, as well as
smart grids such as IssyGrid® at Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris.

Colas has an effective policy of recycling construction materials. It proposes asphalt mixes that require less energy to produce and a range of products whose petrochemical components have been replaced by plant-based alternatives.


(Updated: June 2016)

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