At Colas, sustainable development is an integral part of the business activities of its subsidiaries and units operating in nearly 50 countries across five continents. It is underpinned by the belief that Colas’ activities must responsibly contribute to meeting essential needs and aspirations. This includes travel and housing requirements, social cohesion, improved living conditions and climate change.

Action is undertaken on the basis of three strategic challenges, five other major challenges and several grass-roots initiatives in environmental and social spheres.

  • The development and longevity of Colas’ activities are dependent on these three strategic challenges, over which Colas has genuine influence: these are the renewal and enhancement of human resources, public acceptance of production sites, and business ethics.
  • Regarding human resources, attractiveness, diversity (social integration, gender equality, older workers), talent retention, and training are the focal points. Initiatives to increase public acceptance of production sites consist of ensuring exemplary worksites and more regular dialogue with local stakeholders. Business ethics is an inalienable principle at the company.
  • Equally important in many ways, the five other challenges are  :
    – safety at work and on the road,
    – community action initiatives in southern hemisphere countries,
    – energy and greenhouse gases, recycling,
    – controlling chemical risks.

This policy is coordinated at every level of the company in order to ensure long-term improvement and continual, tangible progress in the field.

(Updated: June 2016)

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