Bouygues Immobilier has acquired renowned expertise in the development of sustainable urban projects and has unique know-how in the control, production and management of energy, first at building level and now at neighbourhood level as well.

Green Office of Meudon © Laurent ZylbermanBouygues Immobilier designs buildings at the cutting edge of environmental innovation, exceeding the regulatory requirements in force. Several of our achievements have become benchmarks:

  • Green Office® Meudon, the first positive-energy office.
  • Fort d’Issy, the first HQE® eco-neighbourhood adjacent to Paris.
  • Hikari, an area in the Lyon Confluence district that generates power from three renewable sources and gives precedence to mixed usages and services.

Sustainable development at Bouygues Immobilier has four priorities:

  • Placing sustainable property at the heart of its development
  • Forging stronger links with local communities
  • Ensuring a high-quality working environment for employees
  • Rolling out a policy of concerted governance

Fort of Issy © Ph.GUIGNARD/AIR-IMAGESOpening up the debate
With the aim of finding out what will make the cities of the future more desirable places to live, Bouygues Immobilier is opening up the debate to all sections of society. In addition to its Corporate Foundation, Bouygues Immobilier is also encouraging debate through means such as the blog “Demain la Ville, a forward-looking forum for discussing the themes of sustainable cities and urban innovation.

(Updated: June 2016)

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