Bouygues Construction’s sustainable development strategy aims to design, build and operate structures that stand the test of time while taking into account the desires of stakeholders (customers, business partners, employees and society at large). Bouygues Construction offers solutions that reduce environmental impacts and improve user comfort.  Sustainable development is present at all stages of a project, from design to the operational phase. It is gradually becoming a city-wide concept. At the moment, 57% of order intake has an environmental certification or label.


Renovation of Challenger
The renovation of Challenger, its headquarters, is a flagship example of this approach. By 2014, Challenger will comply with the world’s most demanding environmental standards, resulting in a ten-fold reduction in its energy consumption. It is the first building in the world to have obtained the highest level triple certification for the first tranche of the project: HQE® (Passeport Bâtiment Durable – Exceptional level), LEED® Platinum and BREEAM® Outstanding. Additionally, in March 2013, Challenger won the 2012 award for the building with the highest score based on the BREEAM® international rating for green buildings in design phase.2


Timber construction
Bouygues Construction is keeping in step with the increased use of timber in the construction industry. Over 60 new-build and renovation projects have been delivered in France (the Auvergne regional administrative centre in Clermont-Ferrand), Switzerland (International School of Geneva) and the UK. Timber can reduce the carbon footprint of a building on account of its thermal properties, and its light weight is an advantage when rehabilitating residential buildings.

ABC: Bouygues Construction signs its “declaration of independence”
Bouygues Construction is currently developing its “Autonomous Building for Citizens” project – an autonomous building can exist independently of utility networks, generating its own power, using less water and recycling all its waste. A flagship project of Bouygues Construction’s ambitions in sustainable construction, ABC sits at a crossroads of the environmental, technical and social challenges relating to buildings, above and beyond straight energy considerations: building more quickly and more cheaply; creating a new lifestyle by involving occupiers actively in projects; modulating space in accordance with changing living habits; (re)creating social ties by mapping out new common-use and meeting places. A pilot project located in a major French city is due to commence in 2014.


(1)      LEED®, BREEAM® and HQE® environmental building-related certifications are from the USA, UK and France respectively.

(2)       BREEAM® Europe Commercial 2009

(Updated: June 2016)

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